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    Many people seem desperate to kill everything off- taking too many herbs, trying extreme diets, spending money and generally stressing themselves out. Remember, candida albicans is a natural part of our flora, and it’s not really to blame here. Like with invasive species, the terrain provides no natural resistance, allowing the organism to grow unchecked.
    The terrain is obviously our body, with each part of it as unique as our voice, our eyes, our fingerprints. So it’s not such a good idea to choose your food without paying attention to how your body reacts. Food is fuel, and the wrong fuel, no matter how anti-fungal, is not going to support you. Please, pay attention to how different foods make you feel. It’s not too difficult. Think in terms of fats, carbs, proteins and animal products versus plant products. Humans are variable, and what makes one person well makes another sick. It’s based on the effect of foods on the autonomic nervous system. Meat, for instance, has the opposite effect of leafy vegetables ie: meat = phosphorous = sypathetic nerve stimulation/ spinach = magnesium = parasympathetic nerve stimulation. Just use your intuition. If you crave it and it satisfies you without making you crave more of it, then that’s your bodies wisdom. Listen.
    Next, just take some candida-specific systemic enzymes. Boom. Eats it right up, without die-off. Take them until you’re feeling better. They’re very effective.
    To cleanse your body thoroughly, give thought to these detoxification routines Coffee enema’s will reinvent you. I strongly reccommend them. Just 3 tablespoons of ground coffee is all it takes.
    Lastly, remember the power of the mind. Our minds are the most powerful healing tools we have. Train your body with your mind. Train it to do what you want. You are strong. Healing is happening now.

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