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    Alright, i have these awful tonsil stones in the back of my throat that form in crevices in my throat. They make me have awful breath and actually give me a stuffy nose. It’s hard to get them out because it makes me gag, but once out my nose clears up but it happens a day or two later. Anyone ever have this and know what to do? Many people have bad breath and this is usually the cause. The back of my tongue is also white and it’s hard to get off. Thanks!


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    Have you ever checked out strept throat? I would look into this; are you feeling sick or ill currently?

    I would get your tonsils checked out by a doctor; I had to get mine removed because I kept on getting strept over and over (caused by candida) when I was a kid.



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    Had mine removed due to re-occurring “strep” and the months of cycle after cycle of abx helped manifest candida/imbalance. Yet, no one did a culture on the white spots on them, just assumed it was strep. Looking at pix of oral thrush has me wondering if it wasn’t candida over strep……will never know but, my hunch is that it was. Suggest getting a culture, to know for sure what’s going on….too easy to say strep, when it could be candida.

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