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    I tend need the toilet alot to urinate. I don’t have “big” urges or feel like i can’t contain it.. even if i feel its only a little bit it would annoy me so i would just run to the toilet. But lately i’ve been kind of stopping myself from doing that, holding it in for longer.. for about 2 nights i hadn’t gone to the toilet before bed and urgo the next morning i would have a bit of a sore stomach from holding it in all night when i sleep. Is this bad for you.. like would it be reabsorbing toxins or anything like that? I just wanted to know.


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    I find I am urinating a hell of a lot, can be quite smelly someone’s too. It can come all of a sudden, I don’t feel any urge but then all of a sudden I have to dash to the toilet. I am very bloated, and I get up at least once in the night to go, something which I never really used to do



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    Something odd has happen to me when it comes to urinating after I started this diet. First I go more frequently, but I expected that, what is odd is that when I go early in the morning I find I have to “push it out” whereas before It will come out in a nice steady stream. Now it feels like after the initial stream that I am about done when in fact I have a whole lot more to go and I have to force it out somewhat.

    If this sounds ridicules, well I hope you had a good laugh, its sounds ridicules to me but since I have never experienced that before it is bothering me. I don’t want to be an old man who dribbles……


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    I used to urinate a ton as well during the die-off stage a little bit afterwards. Eventually it normalizes and isn’t such a problem. Might take about a month or longer or so.

    My problem has been that I need to go when I am asleep and it wakes me up early. My naturopath prescribed some iodine based mineral supplements that have almost completely eliminated this problem.


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