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    Hi All,

    I am going to be traveling for about a week, and I’m wondering if you have tips for making this diet work while on the go? I have been on the diet for 1.5 months. I’m planning to make breads from coconut flour to take with me. I’ve introduced oat bran cereal this week, and that has been going well. I am also going to introduce store-bought kefir early so that I can continue my probiotics.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions for food or natural markets/restaurants/juice bars in London, Cambridge, and Oxford!



    James Freeman
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    You can try the Lyn-Dys Health Foods on 1016 Oxford Street!


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    I find London to be a decent place to eat without dairy, gluten, etc… There are a number of chains that might work for you—one is called Planet Organic. And there are more! There is a Whole Foods at Picadilly Circus. Google “organic and vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants London, Cambridge, or Oxford” and you’ll find a lot of choices. Also, goodgle “gastropubs”, and if you’re eating chicken, you should be able to find some fairly “clean” chicken to eat at the gastropubs along with a salad or plain veggies.

    I travel for work quite a bit. I always bring buckwheat “crepes” with me to smash an avocado into. I also find a salad dressing I can buy where I am traveling, an carry that, so I can order a salad anywhere. Like you, I buy my kefir, have hot cereal in the mornings (I eat creamy buckwheat). I soak my cereal overnight with a bit of lemon juice or yogurt, so that it cooks in the morning in minutes! I also often buy a whole roasted chicken—organic if I can find it, and eat that throughout the week either in a salad or a crepe. Sometimes (after reading the ingredients) I buy a container of guacamole and use that as a salad dressing with my salads. I can’t eat eggs, but I can only imagine how hand boiled eggs would be.

    And I always get a refrigerator!

    You’ll do great!


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    Thank you so much, Jojilla!

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