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    Hello all,

    I haven’t posted in quite some time. Long story short, I was a relatively frequent poster in the past, struggling like much everyone else on this site. I stuck to the candida diet protocol religiously for over a year and a half, basically improving very little. In fact, I would say some of my symptoms even worsened. What was odd, was that many of the foods on this website many people could handle with little reaction, were absolutely devastating to my body; eggs, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc. I went to the Mayo clinic in May, as I thought there had to be much more to this than just a measly yeast infection in my gut. I mean, I had done everything right, and was still suffering from brain fog, fatigue, headaches, amongst a litany over symptoms that I won’t mention. It didn’t dawn on me that it had to be related to my endocrine system until I saw an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic. Although my TSH levels tested in the “normal” range, I felt somewhat skeptical that there wasn’t more to it, considering many of the foods I was having difficulty with are goitrogens. If you aren’t familiar with that term, it is a substance found in foods that can disrupt the production of your thyroid. I’m currently working on healing my thyroid and adrenals first and foremost, through natural supplementation.

    Long story short, I feel like in most of these Candida cases, there is more to it than meets the eye. Don’t stop fighting the good fight. I’m still struggling myself, but I am constantly researching more and more, and hopefully one day we can all close this chapter on our lives.

    Best Regards and God Bless,


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    Glad you are trying to find out the root cause instead of putting hope into this endless cycle of just ‘fighting the candida’.

    I have recently been experiencing underactive thyroid issues, probably due to the cold weather. I know full well my symptoms are not just candida. In fact I believe the candida are just being opportunists in the wake of my sluggish hormonal system.
    I have been like this before, but on a normal diet with less daunting symptoms, and I began to heal myself just by increasing my metabolism, eating well and going weightlifting 3 times a week.
    I believe back then the glutamine in my protein shakes probably helped, and I didn’t have such bad gut dysbiosis that I now have.

    But the fact my symptoms slowly decreased or outright disappeared showed I was on to something.
    So I’m going to try to re-create that and am waiting for a blood test for my thyroid hormones.

    I have a bad feeling despite all of my many symptoms, the doctors will find nothing wrong with me.


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    You are not alone quick, I am pretty certain I have a thyroid problem too. I overlooked it because I felt really good for a long long time.


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