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    What kind of water should I be drinking?
    Is britta’d tap water okay?
    Im sure it leaves some in but its supposed to remove the fluoride and chllorine that kills good bacteria.


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    Filtered tap water is preferred and drinking poor quality water can prolong your treatment. Brita’s should do the trick, same with pur filters.

    You could go one step further and filter the air you breathe by using a HEPA filter on the furnace or air purifier in your room. I have done both! Yay me!

    A step further on the scale is to go anti-chemical everything you own. For instance use homemade laundry detergent, homemade cleaning spray (vinegar), non-teflon food cooking pans, veggie oil instead of WD40, glass intead of plastic, etc. The list can go on and on.

    I have never promoted these ideas because people would think I am sorta crazy, but its how I am living now after I got so sick nearly a year ago.



    Topics: 8
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    Thank you for your response. Starting detox now.
    Good luck i hope to see you feel better soon.


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    Brita filters don’t remove any of the fluoride. You need a reverse osmosis filter for that. I don’t think they remove much of anything bad (do they even leave the minerals in tact?). You could think of it just as a taste enhancer.

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