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    Hello Everyone. If you have candida this is a MUST read.

    I’ve always had a white tongue growing up but never really thought anything of it.
    About four months ago I started searching for what was causing my white tongue / dry mouth and came across candida. “Great” I thought! I now know my problem.

    A white tongue was only one of my many symptoms. Over the last few years I have delt with almost all candida symptoms. I was so excited to start healing my body.

    I started on the strict candida diet which avoids all sugar. I starting taking garlic, grapefruit seed extract and silver water. Soon as I took the silver water I had brutal candida die-off symptoms but I was happy that it was killing off the yeast! I noticed that the yeast would get killed that day but would always come back the next morning.

    I thought there had to be more to the whole candida story. Why are so many people trying to heal their body in every way possible with no success?

    I searched for about two days with no sleep until I found what I was looking for.

    The answer? Mercury Toxicity!

    Quote from Dr. Hal Huggins
    “Strangely enough, Candida is there to save your life. It changes methyl mercury to a less toxic (but still toxic) form. Bacteria change it back to methyl mercury, and the system goes back and forth. If Candida were eliminated while you have amalgam in your mouth, your health will not be as good as if it were there protecting you. Complex, but yes, there is a relationship.”

    Recent research has now shown that all mercury silver fillings release toxic mercury HG vapor 24/7. The amount increases with chewing food, chewing gum, grinding teeth, and hot drinks.

    Here is proof.

    Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

    Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth by Tom McGuire, DDS

    Almost everyone I meet that has candida seems to have silver amalgam fillings in their mouth. The first step you must do is remove the mercury from your teeth.
    You must do this the safe way or you may become worse as mercury floods your body from removing the fillings. Find a mercury-free dentist that follows this protocol.

    Academy of Oral Medicine and toxicology (IOMT) recommendation for removal of mercury filling from the mouth.

    •Cooling the filling with copious water and air while drilling substantially reduces the amount of mercury vapor the filling releases.
    •Cutting the Amalgam into large pieces
    •Using a high-volume suction
    •Providing the patient with an alternative source of air
    •Using a rubber dam – A rubber dam isolates the teeth from the rest of the mouth and throat
    •The dentist and the assistant should remove and dispose of their gloves and the rubber dam once the fillings have been removed.
    Patients mouth should be thoroughly rinsed for at least 20 seconds after amalgam fillings removal.
    •Air purification system should be used.
    •A Patient’s eyes should be protected with protected glasses to prevent contact with spattered particles.

    “Dr. J. Trowbridge has written in his book “The Yeast Syndrome,” that some doctors specializing in candida treatment have reported to him that they have discovered clinically that 98% of their patients with chronic candida also had mercury toxicity.

    If you have chronic yeast infections or candida you must look into the mercury connection. It binds to the yeast cell wall and when the yeast cell becomes saturated or has absorbed all it can, roughly its own weight, it disposes of the rest as methyl mercury.

    It is a viscious circle that can go on forever if you do not remove the mercury while treating yourself for candida.”

    Now you might be thinking “I had silver fillings many years ago but got them changed to white composite ones” so how could I still have candida?


    “I never had fillings in my life! How can I have mercury in my body?”

    When a normal dentist removes mercury fillings he does not do it safely and this results in deadly mercury HG vapor being relased into your body which will stay there for the rest of your life. The only way to get mercury and other metals out of your body, bones, brain, and CNS is chelation therapy.

    “Chelation therapy is the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. For the most common forms of heavy metal intoxication—those involving lead, arsenic or mercury—the standard of care in the United States dictates the use of dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA).”

    What if you have never had any fillings?
    If you have candida and have no silver fillings there is a good chance that your mother that gave birth to you had many amalgam fillings.

    Heavy metals such as mercury are transmitted through the placenta to the foetus, so many babies are born toxic and live a toxic life until the day they die.

    “A 1994 German study showed similar findings in humans. Deceased foetuses, newborns and young children were examined for tissue levels of mercury. What was found was that the levels of mercury in the Brain, Liver and Kidney tissues were in direct proportion to the number of amalgam fillings in the mother’s mouth.”

    It’s true to say that silver amalgam fillings are the leading cause of candida.

    What if you and your mother have no silver fillings? How does mercury get in the body? You can thank childhood vaccines for that folks.
    Childhood vaccines contained thimerosal which is mercury. Many today still contain mercury which I consider slow murder.
    Other sources are seafood and small amounts in air, food, and water.

    Please note that everyone is carrying a load of mercury in their body. You can’t avoid it in this toxic world we live in.

    Mercury is poisonous in extremely small amounts.
    There are over 28 million micrograms in an ounce. Just one microgram contains
    over 3 trillion (3,000,000,000) atoms of mercury.

    After reading all of this nobody can sit there and say their candida is not related to mercury. It’s inside all of us!

    Who is to blame for all of this? The answer is mainstream doctors.

    Why? First, most of them have no idea about candida or the fact that mercury causes candida.

    Second, doctors think mercury is bound up tight with the other metals in the amalgam and that is never leaks.

    Third, when a person might suspect that heavy metals such a mercury is playing a role in their candida they take a trip down to the doctor for a blood test only to find out they have no mercury in their body.

    I have to tell you people that doctors don’t know anything about heavy metal poisoning or chelation therapy. I went to every doctor in my area with no help. I had six blood tests that all read “0” for mercury. I knew I was sick so I searched for answers.

    After losing all hope in doctors and mainstream medicine I decided to do stuff on my own. I was sick of them failing me so often or just trying to get me to take pills. “You are fine, you don’t have candida, candida is not real, you have anxiety.” You have to understand that doctors don’t want to fix you. If you are fixed you won’t come back and they don’t get your cash. If you stay sick and need a steady supply of pills then where do you think most of that money is going? In their pockets keeping them smiling and rich… while you on the other hand feel horrible.

    I found out that mercury and all other toxic metals are not in the blood.
    They are in the bones and tissues and need to be moved to the blood for a accurate reading. In order to do this one must take DMSA for a week or so before a blood test. How can all doctors not know this? Brainwashed idiots. After getting 6 blood tests back reading “0” for mercury I freaked out.
    I bought DMSA chelation online and took it for one week. I then went and got a blood test and my level was off the charts. They rate mercury on a scale from 1-5, 5 being very high. Mine was 22.

    Never visit a doctor for a blood test, please find a wellness centre.
    The staff at wellness centres care about your health unlike terrorist pill pushing doctors. Everyone should take DMSA or some kind of chelation and get a blood test right away! It saved my life. I was also high in lead, tin, cadmium and others.

    I learned that when mercury is in the body it retains other metals, acting like a magnet.

    What makes me very sad is thinking about how many people are mercury poisoned right now and have no clue thanks to their doctor. These people will struggle with candida for life never knowing why it won’t go away.

    I had 10 big amalgam fillings. I had 5 removed the safe way. I’m getting the other 5 removed in about 10 days. Since having the 5 removed my tongue seems half as white. Stomach pain has improved by about 80%. I feel much better.

    I am going to wait until all the mercury is out of my mouth before I start DMSA chelation. If you use DMSA with mercury still in your mouth it can make you very sick as it pulls mercury out of your fillings and redistributes the poison in your body. I didn’t know this when I took DMSA with 10 fillings still in my mouth. Thank god I didn’t get sick!!!

    I learned that candida gets worse as you are detoxing from metals.
    This is because the metals are flowing all around your body so the candida is going nuts! Be patient it will go away! Some people give up way to soon.

    Candida won’t be gone until all the mercury is removed from your body. This can take all the way up to 24 months so don’t rush it!

    This is the best book on mercury chelation.

    Amalgam Illness
    Diagnosis and Treatment
    A book on how to cure mercury poisoning
    by Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE

    His method of chelation is something like DMSA 12.5 – 50mg every 4 hours (including night time) for 3 days on and 11 days off.

    After 3 months add in lipoic acid (ALA) every 3 hours to remove mercury from the brain. (12.5mg to start)

    Lipoic acid (ALA) is the only thing that crosses the blood brain barrier and removes mercury from the brain.

    You can buy DMSA 12.5 mg and ALA 12.5 mg @

    Since having my 5 fillings removed my insomnia has not appeared in 2 months which I have suffered with since my teens. Things are really looking up. Can’t wait to get the rest of this poison out of my mouth and body.

    This is a very good story I found while searching.
    My Battle with Candida and Mercury Poisoning…The Connection

    If you have any questions then please ask. I am here to help.

    I will also keep you guys posted on how long it takes for my candida to get under control.

    Getting mercury out of your mouth and doing chelation are two of the most important things you will ever do! No one will ever be healthy with mercury in their body.

    Thanks for reading. Cheers.


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    Interesting, and nice theory. But, it just sounds too far fetched to me. I can not help but believe that candida is a response to unbalance. Balance that we distorted ourselves, and cant simply be blamed on something outside of us. It sounds too easy almost.


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    Hello to you sir.

    Before you make a decision, let me ask you… do you have amalgam fillings?
    Have you done DMSA and got a blood test for mercury?
    You may have been tested for mercury before but like I said all blood testing
    will show “0” for mercury without using DMSA first.

    It’s been proven that all humans are carrying a load of mercury in their body so how could you disagree?

    It’s in the air, water, and food because coal burning plants in the USA release around 170 lbs of mercury HG smog into the air every year.
    Research it.

    Even a small amount will keep candida around forever.

    Take DMSA or some kind of chelation then get a blood test and get back
    to me with your results. I can assure you, you will be in shock.


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    Mercury is not toxic at low levels. We have mercury naturally occuring in our bodies don’t we?


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    KennyG wrote: Even a small amount will keep candida around forever.

    Hello, Kenny. Thanks for the info.

    Could you post the research for that statement for us?
    Also, what’s considered a ‘small amount’?


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    KennyG wrote: Hello to you sir.

    Before you make a decision, let me ask you… do you have amalgam fillings?
    Have you done DMSA and got a blood test for mercury?
    You may have been tested for mercury before but like I said all blood testing
    will show “0” for mercury without using DMSA first.

    It’s been proven that all humans are carrying a load of mercury in their body so how could you disagree?

    No, I have no fillings. I have done blood tests, but not specifically for mercury. My mom had fillings when I was born though.

    I disagree because there is no reason to think mercury is the root cause of candida, when there are so many different complaints and backgrounds of people. Disease is unbalance. Due to mercury? Perhaps for some people, though I would first look at far more obvious causes and explanations. For me for instance: the link between the gut and the psyche.


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    I’m sure exposure past a certain point could tip the balance, and if you did have an accumulation, some focused chelation would be very helpful, but for most people you’d have to look past their fillings and ask why they’ve developed problems. Why do so many millions of people with fillings not suffer with these issues?

    Mercury can be naturally chelated by the likes of glutathione, which is an important antioxidant. I guess you’re taking ALA for this reason (it helps restore glutathione levels). ALA is found in most wholefoods, especially certain vegetables and organ meats. Healthy liver function is also vital for glutathione production.

    Just by looking at glutathione, you can see how this can be about much more than just dental amalgams. If your liver isn’t functioning properly through exposure to toxins, bile “recycling” due to constipation, consumption of junk fats, sugars, stimulants etc then it’s not going to be able to fully fulfil its role in chelation. If you’re not eating healthily, then you’re not getting enough ALA nor supporting your body in the many other ways it requires to chelate and maintain health. If you’re constipated, any mercury that has been chelated will be reabsorbed instead of excreted.

    I’m sure someone more knowledgeable could extend this argument well past glutathione. The point I’m trying to make is that, even though I don’t think mercury should be allowed anywhere near humans, people need to look at the wider picture of health and lifestyle and not just blame all their problems on mercury.

    By the way, among many other things, NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) helps with the production of glutathione (I believe more effectively than ALA), so you might want to add that to your supplement regime.


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    One of the main reasons I wrote this is because while I was learning about
    mercury toxicity / chelation / candida I came across many stories of people that got their fillings out, did chelation for a a few months and the yeast was gone never to come back. These are people that tried nearly everything for candida with no hope. You won’t find these stories easy by searching google, you need to dig deep and search health forums such as CureZone.

    I’ve only come across about one post on the internet that someone beat candida with the candida diet.

    One of the main reasons mercury makes candida run wild in the body is because mercury supresses the immune system even at small amounts.

    The truth is mercury is poisonous in extremely small amounts.
    The Center for Disease Control states that there is no acceptable amount of mercury that can enter your body.

    “There are over 28 million micrograms in an ounce. Just one microgram contains
    over 3 trillion (3,000,000,000) atoms of mercury.”

    The reason there is NO SAFE LEVEL is because even just a few atoms of mercury can attach themself to your body’s cells. Your body then does not recognize these cells and tries to fight them off, which results in autoimmune disease.
    Please don’t tell me any amount is safe. We have waste storage sites inside us that fill up with toxins and garbage over the years, once these areas become full is when we are poisoned. Thats why some people don’t get sick until they are older.
    It also explains why some people with amalgams are not sick, even though they have loads of mercury inside them.

    If you have amalgams you must watch the video preview @
    We are being poisoned everyday. THE FDA and ADA have been hiding information from the pubic for years. They have known about mercury poisoning from amalgams for years.

    If you guys check out the “Causes of Candida” on this website (thecandidadiet) you will find this.

    “Mercury in your Fillings
    Silver amalgam fillings contain at least 50% mercury, and this is poisonous to the body. Mercury particles and vapor are continuously released in the body as you chew, grind and brush your teeth.

    Mercury significantly weakens the immune system and can be the cause of many health problems. One of these is Candida. The mercury leaks from the dental fillings and kills the friendly bacteria in your gut, allowing Candida to take over.

    There is no safe level of mercury to have in your system, so keeping it in your mouth is definitely a bad idea. If you can afford it, do take charge of your health and have them replaced.”

    They say Chlorine and Fluoride can also cause candida.
    I blame this more on the mercury itself… why do you ask?
    The ONLY way your body can detox chlorine and fluoride, as well as bromine is by using iodine.
    Mercury blocks iodine. With mercury in the body chlorine and fluoride will run wild.

    “Mercury from dental fillings can migrate to the thyroid gland and can sit on one or more of the thyroid’s four iodine receptors blocking iodine from reaching the receptors.”

    If you watch this powerpoint presentation you will see that iodine is the only way to detox chlorine and fluoride. They estimate that 95% of individuals are deficient in iodine. I wonder why? (AMALGAM FILLINGS)

    I am going to toss up a bunch of links.

    +”Mercury From Amalgam Fillings: A Leading Cause of Candida”

    +Candida gone once mercury fillings removed.

    +Removing Amalgam Fillings As Being the Root Cause of Candida

    +Well, I guess I can say I’m cured (Fillings removed)

    +Dental Influences On Candida Overgrowth

    +Candida Albicans and Mercury Tooth Filling

    +My Battle with Candida and Mercury Poisoning…The Connection

    +Detox Mercury If You Want To Cure Candida For Good

    There is lots more information out there people, you just need to LOOK!


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    KennyG wrote: I’ve only come across about one post on the internet that someone beat candida with the candida diet.

    I doubt you’ve read even one honest post claiming to have beaten a Candida infestation with the diet alone since it’s impossible, and here on the forum we all know that, it isn’t news.

    Do you not intend to reply to my other post?



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    Hi Kenny
    Thanks so much for this input. Of course long ago I had heard about mercury but sort of forgot. NOw with the candida I read your post and am having my 7 fillings removed over 2 sessions in the next few weeks. Of course with lots of chelation therapy supplemets.]


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    judym wrote: Hi Kenny
    Thanks so much for this input. Of course long ago I had heard about mercury but sort of forgot. NOw with the candida I read your post and am having my 7 fillings removed over 2 sessions in the next few weeks. Of course with lots of chelation therapy supplemets.]

    Please keep us updated! We have lots off discussions here with different opinions. I would love to hear if it has any health benefits and how it work with the candida.
    Would be great to get an honest rapport from you in the future.



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    Hi Kenny,
    I have brought that kind of information to this forum with the only idea of helping candida sufferers to find the right path to leave this diet and supplements forever. The result was some people turned the weapons on me. I agree some candida sufferers resolve it without addressing heavy metal toxicity, but those are a minory who have an active immune system. They only need some antifungal tablets to end with it. Others who are battling it with a diet and antifungals for months or years (most cases) don’t respond because something have their immune system totally suppressed. Mercury is most of time the culprit. You are totally right about the results gotten by those who have removed the amalgams and chelated. Those are who are able to leave the diet and eat what they want, even gluten again, without any relapse. I am following this path , and at the end of this month, I will reach 6 months chelating with ALA. I probably add EDTA soon. Too early to expect a total resolution but for first time in my battle I see the infection leaving my body seriously. I was symptom free two times but when I opened the diet, the relapse occurred.

    It is an smart decision to remove the amalgams and chelate. If you have had a candida episodic, soon or later, you will have to do it.

    Very smart the route you have taken,
    Good Luck,


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    Mercury, Candida, and Me, Oh my! Part 1


    Mama B
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    This is a very interesting thread and there are many valuable opinions here. Thank you to all of you who are contributing. I am new to this forum and the diet but not candida. I have mercury fillings but i cant afford to take them out. This is another problem isnt it, unless there is some miracle person handing out hundreds on a plate 😉 All the best


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    so excited im getting all three of my amalgam fillings removed monday and already have dmsa waiting! been wanting to do this for a few years now and decided to use my tax returns to finance it. not only do i have a pretty bad case of candida (which has gotten much better over the past month on a very strict diet and exercise program) i also have aspergers (high functioning autism). i truly believe the fillings are adding to the intensity of both conditions. i am very optimistic of the end results of removal and a few months of chelation. seen far too many stories of people in this situation where amalgam removal was a true turning point for them!

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