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    First time poster here guys. It’s a pleasure. It’s a pretty scattered post so please read twice if need be. I’ve just about fully healed my leaky gut so my proper battle is about to begin. Quick question before I delve pretty deep into my theories, when I take Antifungals and detox tinctures like parsley, I get a slight bruising pain in my kidneys, in my lower back bottom ribs, it goes away after I eat and doesn’t seem to happen when my body is saturated with food, but it’s starting to freak me out as I feel I’m losing the ability to put things in my body to kill and detox due to slight kidney pains, plus the thought of having damaged kidneys is very daunting. Thoughts? Could this be toxic overload or damage? Also quick thoughts on wisdom tooth removal if I have a slightly white tongue? I floss and keep my oral health very clean with clove, iodine, colloidal, whatever I feel on the day as I have an Arsenal of products and i brush my tongue with coconut, diatecemous earth peppermint essentials and charcoal?

    I’ve done some pretty mad dosing while having leaky gut, my thought process leads me to believe any potent tinctures while experiencing leaky gut could damage the kidneys due to large amounts of potent anti fungal being unabsorbed and directly hammering the kidneys? I don’t fully understand the absorption process, via blood or intestinal absorption but any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Im new to this forum and I signed up because I really wanted to share a theory below, I haven’t seen anyone talk about much about. This is a long one.

    Alright so this defies everything we’ve all ever read. My main reason for posting is, I’ve read a few studies and opinions over the years, and am curious what some of you experts on the matter have to say. Candida, is a spore forming fungi, right?

    So it can virtually penetrate into wherever it wants, making it very hard to get rid of, right?


    I’ve read that starving the candida on a low/no sugar/carb diet can actually force the candida to bury deeper and deeper into the tissues wherever they reside in a dormant state. I’ve also thought that antifungals can potentially have the same effect, forcing them deeper, as they try and evade, meaning Antigungals won’t reach them as effectivly, leaving them to possibly adapt and overcome antifungals or just plain and simply not being hit as hard by the antifungals. Ive read a lot say they’ve ridded themselves of candida, but if they go back to a normal poor eating lifestyle these dormant spores always seem to flare back up. But I haven’t really come across any legit readings of people fully 100% curing crazy systemic candida and being able to go ham on the bad stuff with out detriment. Which leads me to believe it’s never fully gone. I haven’t done much reading on this forum apart from what pops up from google search so do correct me if and whatever I’m wrong on.

    Could starving them while treating with Antifungals cause a longer/difficult battle, and a non fully eradicated battle against these bastards due to them digging deeper and hiding out? I’ve noticed when I eat shit most my symptoms go away, because I’m giving them what they want so they seem to become less virulent.. And could maybe feeding them a little of what they want here and there, to stop them digging deep with a goal of getting them to come out and play, move around freely to do as they please, while bombing them with Antifungals aid in a better systemic eradication? Everything in moderation right? So could a moderate sugar binge (not actually a binge but a moderate dose to get them feeding, with say manuka honey, which has antiseptic properties that can kill candida, or other sweets with similar properties) be effective in eradicating more counts of candida rather then putting them on their back leg in defense where they are trying to hide from your attacks?

    Due to my Kidney pains and the anxiety bringing on more hardcore symptoms then the infection itself I’ve started to chase a new idea. Tell me if I’m crazy, but the theory that water listens to positive and negatives was proven by a Dr masaru emoto experimet way back, so us being 60 or whatever% water, leads me to think self talk is very big in overcoming anything, or any infection.
    Synergising thought to body could be a very effective method? There’s a book called “the brain that changes itself” where neuro scientists studied certain cases where a blind person trained their brain to see. A lady with half a brain trained herself to work fully functional as if she had a whole brain, I’m coming into a different approach, that, rather then starving and attacking which drives them deeper into the tissue in hibernation mode (if this theory is correct) which can let them adapt to treatment, leaving them ready to pounce as soon as you make a slip up? Could a clear mind, training the body and brain to heal, attack and detox, synergising thought to body, frequencies healing or frequency attacking, and zapping elctrofrequencies while boosting immunity with samento alone, be an approach? The brain is the most powerful thing in this universe, so telling yourself bad thoughts and believing candida exists will effect your whole reality and let it thrive, but what if you could train your brain to attack and heal, detox and boost immunity on it’s own? With the aid of samento or a few other methods in place, like serrapeptase, Swede bitters for enzymatic therapy, healthy eating and sufficient eating, gentle detoxing, probiotic supplement, vitamin/mineral supplementing, physical activity and gaining a peaceful, powerful mind state, that doesnt involve potentially potent herbals damaging my kidneys, and maybe olive leaf and oregano oil or a few gentler antifungals be an effective approach? Sounds crazy right but where all desperate and willing to give anything a shot. My brain
    thinks differently then the average person. So could this whole digging deep in attempt to evade our methods be a contributing factor in why it’s so hard to truly get rid of candida? and what are your thoughts on everything aka self talk, synergising thought to body, to bring balance back and a natural body response attack they can’t dodge, boosting immunity to do it on your own and frequency/zapping and detoxing with a clear mind, in oppose to the traditional method be as effective?

    **this is no advise or recommendation to follow, just a simple thought I’ve been exploring**

    Thoughts please


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