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    I am a male and have been on this food plan for about 3 months now, and all i can say is it most definitely works. I used to be a very healthy, active individual before my body succumbed to this autoimmune disease – I was a sugar addict though, which caused Candida in the first place. Before this illness i would fall ill with a common cold maybe only once a year. After Candida took hold of my body i started to have colds approximately every 6 weeks. This went on for a year. Not to mention chronic diarrhea and fungal infections in my body.

    Starting this diet IS hard, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it (ha!) but once you get going you will not want to look back, trust me. My health started to improve slowly but surely. As i write this i can tell that my gut continues to heal and I no longer fall ill on a regular basis. I intend to keep going for to the unforeseeable future, possibly never returning to my regular food regime.

    For me giving up coffee has been hard! i gave up processed sugar 2 years ago and that was a walk in the park compared to giving up coffee. So i did my research and it would appear that you can actually have one cup of coffee a day without any problems, and that is exactly what i have been doing (i know the book advises against it). It appears not to have compromised my food plan. I suppose it depends on the individual.

    One word of caution: I developed a Folic Acid vitamin deficiency during this plan, probably due to the fact that one is not allowed wheat during this diet. A telltale sign of the said deficiency is a burning sensation in the mouth and a very sore, scarlet red tongue. Interestingly, about 24 hours later after I started taking Folic Acid supplement the bothersome symptoms completely disappeared! In other words, make sure you get all the needed nutrients and it is best you take good quality vitamin supplements, especially vitamin B.

    I hope you’ve found this helpful,
    and I wish you luck and success, this plan is so worth it!


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    It is so nice to hear that someone is making progress against this annoying problem. I’ve had yeast on and off all my life, sometimes better and sometimes worse. Usually the diet would do it but last year and this year, the diet isn’t working as well and I’ve been dealing with chronic sinusitis and sore itchy ears and throat, low energy, depression, etc. I’ve just added some herbs and enzymes to destroy the bad yeast, a digestive enzyme with HCI to help improve my digestion and probiotics to restore the good yeast. I’ve been on the whole foods diet and lean meat for three weeks. Trying to lose some weight (have about 20 pounds to lose) but it’s not budging even though I am under my weight loss calorie allowance of 1200 calories a day. I also had gotten rosacea on my face but that’s starting to clear up so I am seeing a little progress. Can you be a little more specific about what you did? Thanks.


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    First I want to say sugar is not the problem. The reason that it is so dangerous is because yeast grows wildly when there is a lot of sugar in the body. When you make wine and you add yeast nothing happens but when you add sugar the yeast spreads like crazy. I have had chronic DIAHRREA worst experience of my life. Yeast is what causes DIAHRREA and fungal rot infection because yeast is an infection. Yeast causes infections-A yeast infection means the yeast is the infection. The yeast doesn’t get infected it is the infection. When you leave a loaf of bread out for a week it gets all these blue purple red yellow spots with all this mold which is mycelium and it spreads through your whole body . The way to kill yeast is ascorbic acid. I take 6.000 mg a day. With ascorbic acid you will never get a cold again. Research vitamin c benefits on internet it is the #1 vitamin because it is needed by every cell in your body and kills yeast unmercifully. I used to take 2 100 mg vitamin b but its made from brewers yeast I wo t touch it again. No yeast of any kind for me. When I stopped eating a loaf of yeasted bread a day my DIAHRREA. Stopped the next day and never came back for months now. I used to be able to eat pizza for years and years-now the yeast makes me throw up
    When I had chronic DIAHHREA a cup of coffee would make the DIAHRREA worse. After stopping yeasted bread now I drink 3 or 4 cups a day with two cream and now only 1 sugar and no DIAHRREA. For months. Lastly if you want to really help yourself drink a litre of milk a day it will do more for your health and stomach of all the things I’ve tried. Your body is mostly protein and milk is the ultimate protein in the world. It is the standard for protein like 24 Karat is the standard for gold. Last treasure I have found is v-8 vegetable juice . It had all those beautiful vegetables your body will love.

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