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    Hi everyone,

    I only joined today and have been reading stories. Any advice on mine would be brilliant.

    I think I have candida, I have had an awful four years moving to where I do now having had to endure neighbour bullying by a narcissist and harrassment who thankfully has left her husband and moved out. The stress I had to endure was too much to cope with and I comfort ate a lot of sweet foods to cope. About April time when flossing I saw white patches in my back of my mouth and my excema had got so bad I went straight to the GP who gave me nystatin with a pippet which cleared it up but it came back he then gave me the gel which is hell to get off a cotton bud when I put it on.

    My excema got so bad I was and are still been treated at hospital, I have had it for twenty five years but it has covered over half of my body now. I got vaginal thrush, bloating, flatulence yuk, candida at corner of the mouth, fungal on my ear, itchy nipple, and bottom yuk, so I googled and came up with candida. My consultant gave me fluconazol which I don’t know if it has worked or not, as I still got thrush and itchy bottom so could it of worked does anyone know.

    I am trying to cut out sweet things, I biked over eighty miles per week so this makes me crave food for energy as well.

    My skin rashes don’t seem to have improved with the pills. I am a very stressed out person who worries so much which this then makes me crave things. I am so worried it will go to internal organs and I will die.

    My dr never suggested candida I suggested it to him. In Britain who do I see at hospital is it dermotology or nutritionist
    I think my GP thinks I am mentally paranoid because I suggest Candida. I thought only very ill people got oral thrush.

    Any help would be lovely.


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