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    I need to include some more vegetables in my diet again. I need a variety. Lately, I have been eating a lot of green beans, spinach (love that in a salad), chard, cucumbers, asparagus. Those are some of my favorites.

    I like zuchinni, but I am just not sure about it sometimes actually. I know zuchinni is on the approved diet list; it is a type of squash, but what are the different types of squashes. There seems to be so many different types of them. I have ate very small amounts of butternut squash in the past, but I know there are others, yellow squash, spaghetti squash, etc. I just wondered because they were by the zuchinni the other day when I was at the store. what is the nutrition value, sugar, and carb content of the all of them? Inputs, or any other veggie type recipes recipes, veggie dips you guys might share with me; I would appreciate it.

    Actually, I would like to make my own veggie chips, but I do not have a dehydrator. I wish I did! Does anyone make these from just in the oven?

    Also, I am just throwing this out there, but since, I am still focusing on getting my health back this year yet again, I only do my crafts, which helps when I can concentrate. If anybody ever wants me to make them anything, let me know because it can take my mind off of things from my health problems. Here is my site:


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    Zucchinis are on the stricter forum diet… not sure that’s the diet you were speaking of so, just clarifying.

    They’re a great source of vitamin c, vitamin A, vitamin B6, riboflavin, potassium, calcium and manganese, as well as quite a number of other nutrients.

    One half of a cup of chopped zucchini, which is a normal serving for a vegetable, contains only 1.5 net (effective) carbs, and the glycemic index load is only 1. The actual sugar content is about 1 gram per ½ cup chooped zucchini.
    Even so, if you look you’ll notice I didn’t include zucchinis as one of the vegetables on the forum’s “safe” cleanse.

    Of course, anyone can have a problem with any specific food at any time during their treatment, and there is no set way to approach this
    never-ending problem without taking a chance now and then.

    When anyone first starts on the strict diet they should of course treat any listed food that they haven’t been eating beforehand as a test food, obviously. That means no more than one or two bites for the first few days (I know a lot of this information doesn’t apply to you, Kj, but I always assume that there are at least a few new members reading our posts).

    Zucchini, being a vegetable-squash, obviously doesn’t need to be eaten as regularly as other more useful vegetables such as the ones you’ve named, but including foods such as Brussels sprouts with their strong natural antifungal properties.

    Yellow squash and especially butternut squash are much more likely to cause problems on a Candida diet, which is why they’re not listed.



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    Thanks, yes, I got a copy of the stricter diet. I just wanted to clarify on the whole squash/zucchini thing. I think it is fine to have on occasion; I think I just enjoy every now in and again or in moderation. All good points! I’ll have to look at the list again and try to incorporate some other ones. I guess sometimes I am a little afraid, too because as the gas has gotten better; it is not totally gone, but as you mentioned; I am unique in regards to other people. I have just been craving crunch lately, and I want to make my own veggie chips, so then I don’t have to take a chance on buying some at the store, which might have extra sugar!!!! =0


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    I’ve made kale and chard chips in the oven, since I don’t always have access to a dehydrator. It’s faster and tastes similar.


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    I have made many kinds of veggie chips in the oven. Also, I eat zucchini all the time and never have any problems with it, unless I REALLY eat a lot, but I have stupid leaky gut so if I eat too much of anything, I have problems :p


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    Yes, I think that is the problem; I can eat too much of something sometimes because of my leaky gut. I have to learn to do moderation on things, even veggies and certain things I like; rotation. Taste buds change all the time, too! I know people think I am weird because I can get a kick on one thing, eat a lot of it, then get another kick on another food. lol

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