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    The main thing that has overwhelmed me over these past years is the “connection” between all the different diagnosis, mostly via regular “doctors” vs naturpathic etc. Every diagnosis along this awful road can bring on the same symptoms mocking each other.

    If I take everything into consideration they all produce the same symptoms:

    Hypoglycemic now changed to pre-diabetes

    A compromised liver thanks to the (note sarcasm)”good doctors” who didn’t know Hep C can be cured without all the damage to our systems.

    Thyroid disease caused my the Hep C treatment.

    Ostheo arthritis and nerve damage.

    Mold toxicity.

    Antibiotics for Hep C and chronic sinusitis.

    Diflucan in too large doses for 14 days which took yet another toll on my liver

    It infuriated me to find out that Hep C could have been cured naturally but on a good note:

    The one thing I have learned from this journey besides avoiding doctors?: Getting rid of candida and eating right takes care of so many of these

    Eat right
    Take care of my emotional health

    Wow, sounds so simple and have heard it all my life yet took a 4X4 to get me serious enough about it to actually stick with it. Hardheaded! Just having a day that’s uphill and downhill at 3 months into this and having bad panic attacks over walking outside? It’s always kept my sanity. This has been my mainstay in health and any suggestions as to how to get past these attacks would be great!


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