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    Okay, so last year I did this diet and it worked really well for me except that I got really skinny… therefore when I got back onto my normal diet I ate too many potatoes. My body is doing some of the things that it used to do, but not as bad. In saying that, I would like to go back again and do this diet properly!

    Any ideas at how to prevent getting too skinny? Any foods that will fill me up better? Oh. And I’m in New Zealand so some veges can be expensive! But up for ideas..


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    The first time I attempted the diet I lost 8 lbs in 1 week! (My weight averaged about 110 lbs.) The second time I started, I added in eggs from the start, ate at least one avocado a day and made a lot of egg or chicken salads with homemade mayo to add fat. I also started the coconut bread a week into the diet. (I think the recommendation is to wait for 2 to 3 weeks.)

    I now add a lot of coconut oil (at least 2 tsp on each slice of coconut bread) and only whole milk yoghurt (you need to wait with this too. Check the protocol/allowed foods list.) I actually look out for foods that have the good fats in them!

    The best recommendation I can give you is to start with a very filling breakfast. That sets the stage for the rest of the day. Browse the recipe breakfast ideas. My goto breakfast is an omelet with sauteed greens (kale, spinach with a sliced onion.) You saute the onion and greens, beat two eggs with herbs, pepper and salt. Add a chopped garlic clove to your sauteed veggies and poor the omelet mixture on top and bake until set. I eat this with mayo as well. Then if you are still hungry, you could have some avocado, coconut bread maybe or a side salad.
    I still snack a lot between meals: kale chips, rutabaga, cauliflower, a bowl of guacamole, coconut bread with coconut oil. I also add at least one cooked veggie to my salad if I am not eating chicken or fish. For instance, a mixed greens salad with raw cauliflower and sauteed fennel on top is most delicious and much more filling than salad alone.
    I’ve been able to keep my weight steady around 108 – 109.

    Good luck


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    Great info! Thanks 😀


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    Thanks Lorelei! I will use your advice when I start the diet again 🙂


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    I recommend the following:

    1)Eat 3-4 course meals if possible; add in some side dishes such as veggies or other ideas from allowed foods list.
    2)Check out the teff/coconut flour/buckwheat flour recipe on the forum. Teff has great weight gaining properties.
    3)Greek yogurt (plus kefir)
    4)Chicken/lamb/buffalo sausages
    5)Almond butter when you can handle it(I don’t think you are doing the stage 1 stage 2 thing)

    Also consider adding trace minerals to your diet because your body uses trace minerals to fight off candida.

    I lost 10-25 pounds on the diet and then I gained it all back.



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    Raster – when did you add almond butter? I’ve started introducing bits & pieces anad haven’t braved this yet. I also have pumpkin seed butter that I bought at the beginning not realising it was a no no. What do you think? (I’m 3 months in, 99% symptom free, have tried blanched then roasted pumpkin seeds and was fine)


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    Hi, the first time I did the candida diet I initially lost lots of weight as well, I think I weighed about 96 pounds at one point. However, this time I have found the protocol on the forum very helpful because it shows which flours can be used to make bread which has helped keep weight on.

    Also I think what has been most helpful is making sure that the snack I have after work contains some sort of protein and so I am not starving by the time it is dinner time. For example I will eat chicken goujons or chicken burgers with chapati, or sardine pate with crisp breads. All these can be made in bulk and spread out through the week to save on time.

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