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    Hi All,

    After many failed attempts of the candida diet, purchasing Threelac, anti-fungals, yeast raiders etc… I think I maybe ready to get strict on myself.

    The one problem I have is THE PUB and ALCOHOL.

    I know many of you will think what the point is in this post… but It is SO HARD. The hardest part is I am a musician, I am sociable, I do gigs, meet people and often in bars/pubs etc. So my question to you..IS there ANYTHING I can drink at a pub that wouldn’t screw this diet up. From reading many forums, soft drinks are out of the question. So is tonic.. What about soda water? Is that ok?

    And also if anybody out there knows of a magical drink that has the same buzzy affect as alcohol that has no sugar in that I can take in a hip-flask to the pub, then that would be awesome..

    Thank you!


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    It is best to not do it at all but you knew that.
    Vodka, water/sparkling water and a lemon squeeze. Maybe a bit xytol(or whatever it is called) or stevia? 🙂
    Or plain vodka with ice?

    But try a night without alcohol. I thought that I could not do it but I did and I had a lot of fun!


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    If you must drink, pure vodka is your friend. Careful with the liver though, as the liver is already working on candida toxins.


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    Sour beers without added fruit juice or sugars may be ok later on in the diet. But no point starting the diet if you are not going to stay with it. Killing and feeding candida in a cycle is just pumping toxins in your body and making your organs work overtime. Frankly I think this is more harmful than just having candida. Work towards the diet and when your mentally ready to tackle it for good then go for it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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