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    Hey guys,

    im sotra new to this candida stuff as have only discovered 2 months ago that i have a med-strong colonisation of the albicans and started doing a bit of research. Any way i understand everyone is different and certain things work well for one and not for another but am wondering is there a certain method or plan to stick to and for how long.

    heres my plan im thinking of doing any ideas/suggestions from you guys would be great as ive said im sorta new to this so any input is welcomed.

    1. Killing the yeast –

    was thinking of using caprylic acid, oregano oil, fresh raw garlic. was going to use 1 item for 4 days then change to the next item for 4 days and keep roatation going untill i feel better after the die off period. rotating the items every 4 days should stop the albicans building a resistance.

    ammounts of items –
    3500mg caprylic acid split over 3 meals taken with food,
    Garlic 2/3 raw crushed cloves 3 times a day with food
    Oregano oil few drops in water of 3 times daily

    2. Re-balancing

    was going to use threelac to try and rebalance the system but still not sure on the ammount to take was thinking 3 sachets a day then maybe just the one as a maintence dose for 2 months after. not really sure on any other pro biotics to use as of yet as im still researching.

    3. Prevention

    Obviously diet, have just bought the yeat connection cookbook by william crook and will be sticking to that.


    The plan is to start the probiotics and diet from day 1 and start the killing the yeast untill ive passed the die off period (maybe a month im guessing?) then maintain the strict diet for another month or 2 with probiotics and slowly go back to eating normally but keeping an eye on my carb/sugar intake and then come off the probiotics.

    im hoping this will work for my case of med/strong colonisation?


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    I got anti-fungals from my naturopath, and she told me not to take probiotics for 4 weeks.

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