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    Exactly what is the difference of a persons intestines that, like mine, were exposed to many antibiotic shots when I was a kid by swimming too much, thereby getting ear infections, and persons intestines who didn’t have anything to imbalance the good and bad flora, setting Candida in motion.

    What I’m trying to do is get a picture of my intestines when the flora has been rebalanced, and what’s going to make it so easy, compared to a persons intestines who didn’t have an imbalance, to fall prey to over yeast from most probably eating too much sugar to set things out of balance.

    What changes have taken place to weaken the intestines from holding on to that perfect balance of flora, and which,( sugar, stress, more antibiotics, etc.) are going to set the imbalance in motion the quickest.

    I guess trying to understand the what the intestines are trying to do, might help give the picture.

    Hope I made that somewhat clear. Thanks


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    I’d say the main factor is what we focus on here: diet. It’s able to directly influence the state of the flora. If you eat nothing but sugar and starch and don’t eat anything containing prebiotics, probiotics or fibre, it’s only a matter of time before your intestines take a turn for the worse. It’s probably a cascade from there as your immune system goes into disarray and the yeast is able to proliferate.

    I’m sure there are many other factors as well, though. For example, genetics, age, the ‘Hygiene Hypothesis,’ exposure to mould/fungus, toxins and other immunosuppressants or immune system conditions. It’s not hard to imagine how candida could take over when you think about it.

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