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    Sounds good, I have also found that Molybdenum 6th heavy metal assists by converting the die-off from a formadyhide in converting it into a digestive enzyme. I have the worst case anyone can imagine.

    The objective:
    1.) Embrace the guest (I am the host)
    2.) Suggest to the fungi to consume all sugar deposits in your body, and all things it wishes to consume which can also be harmful “to me”.
    2.) Convert the die-off sequence of fungi to harmless digestible enzyme and utilize it to become stronger by use of Molybdenum (Chillated). Use 150mg up to 2000mg per day, build up and reduce in a pyramid fashion so peak Moly in your system matches peak die-off sequence.
    3.) After the fungi is fully developed systemically, suggest it retreat and return to the lower intestine until it is needed at a later time, to fight cancer later, or tumors related to sugar or bacteria which it (Candida) can consume. Ask the fungi to serve as you serve it in being the Host. The fungi does not seek to kill the host, the fungi seeks to establish residence to survive, it is programed by the universe to do what it is doing. Communication is the key to controlling the fungi properly.

    I am the host. The fungi does not wish to kill me. The fungi is discovering all of my bodies’ weaknesses for my information and communicating it to me via my nerve system. I am making a list of these things so I can optimize and re-balance my body, “for the human race.” The fungi does not need air, nor light, however it does require sugar and water. (7-up! Coke! Pepsi! Yuck!) I am using Candidia fungi to mature metaphysically; re-tune my body. I have experienced extreme CFS Cronic Fatuige Syndrome, throwing up and headaches. I am the one. Love is unity. Unify with all opponents, treat all the universe with respect and honesty. Do not be vicious, unkind or violent. How you treat your opponents speaks to the depth of our compassion as a species.

    Chiten Synthesis Inhibitor: I will report back about this new therapy, and my cure when I am healed. I suggest everyone get a full blood panel. I also suggest AM glucose monitoring and estimate a level of 100 to be optimum. I suggest this because the fungi lives not on just sugars, but glucose, and so you will want to stabilize the fungi to your bodies ability to fight it. Establish YOUR “threshold” – of your immune system to fight this. After, initiail infection, systemic spread, identification, diet change, molybdenum conversion, glucose stabilization, fugui threshold establishment, next is systemic die-off sequence. I expect it certainly is better to do all this in 6 days instead of 6 months, but I am the first one, that I know of, to sequence the fungi. Jim P.S. this is the best thing that ever happened to me, it has made me a real person, I know what others go through and my suffering is not in vein. I am you and you are me, together we will move from our host cell, Earth, and venture to the stars, I am thankful for Earth, my host cell. I am the one because I know we play a role in the grand design of the universe, we are Mankind, and we are also an organism with a purpose.”


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