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    I have been watching this forum for 6 weeks and though i still have some symptoms i have improved sooo much and wanted to say thank you to everyone on here. I am a nurse, had lyme disease, too many antibiotics, didnt know to continue probiotics. I had severe cystic acne and my only option was accurane. I found this site and havent had sugar, soy, corn, peanuts, alcohol, grains, gmo or non organic foods in 9 weeks! The cystic acne is gone, i have occasionally flare ups especially early on when i thought brown rice was ok. I take garlic, caprylic acid, oregano oil, probiotics, coconut oil, vit d, milk thistle, dandelion tea, im sure ive missed some. But i think ive missed the fiber. Can u recommend some? I was looking @ garden of life organic fiber but it contains pumpkin seeds, quinoa etc. But they are sprouted. I also took gi microbe from my pcp which had wormwood and black walnut but i finished it yesterday. Any advice would be appreciated, ill just keep trucking along with my eggs, veggies, ckn, fish, occ beef. I really dont mind it, did lose 10 pounds but once i bought a nutribullet and added apples strawberries etc weight is back up! You guys are angels in disguise and im so thankful to have found you!

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