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    I’m fully convinced that I have Candida. But it seems proof would help in my particular situation. I have had this for 2 long years, and the mood swings and extreme anxiety has caused my loved ones to be very skeptical.

    The diet is working for me…on day 22. But a stool test would be worth it to validate my behavior for the 2 years.

    Does anyone know where I can get such a test? I live in the Mid South of the USA, and Naturopaths are nonexistent around my city. I saw 1, who was a quack, and said he had a test I could mail off for around $400.

    Is the fact that I’ve started a candida free strict diet and cleanse going to effect the test?

    I haven’t cheated on the diet yet! Therefore, my stool is green as can be, and I definitely get die off symptoms if I don’t go to the sauna.

    I don’t care about the test price at this point.

    Thanks in advance,



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    Check out some of the places Dr. Mcoomb’s recommends for getting a stool test done:


    I believe he mentioned some in his latest video.

    Metametrix labs in (north dakota?) has a comprehensive stool analysis test that will tell you whats in the stool. The results need to be analyzed by a naturopathic doctor for the best treatment plan or to determine your levels. The only problem with stool tests is that everyone has candida in their body so it should always come up as a positive result.

    He also feels that anyone who has ever taken antibiotics has a gut flora imbalance and so I would look no further than this as the cause.

    There is also the likelihood that you have parasites as well because everyone has parasites, just at different levels. If you have a candida overgrowth, parasites are very opportunistic and can thrive in the same environment.



    Topics: 51
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    thanks Raster!

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