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    Right now I am on day 40 of the diet. Around day 15 I got my first leg cramp in my calf, first thing in the morning. It was mild, but something new… I haven’t got leg cramps since I was a teenager being that I became very health conscious in my 20s. I have been getting them off and on ever since, and they have been getting stronger. Always in my calf… I had one this morning and the pain was so strong and unbearable that I decided to ask about it.

    I know this can commonly be caused by electrolyte imbalance, but I am not sure if it can be caused also by candida die-off. Another possible factor might be some type of excess of a fat-soluble vitamin I am taking everyday, or one of the supplements.

    1. is this a common die-off symptom?
    2. Is there a particular food that I am allowed to eat that is high in potassium and/or magnesium?

    3. vitamins I am taking include
    vitamin A and D3, vitamin d3, biotin, zinc, vitamin E, and others but I am unsure if Excessive levels of these vitamins would cause these symptoms bc the excessive amount is accumulated in the fat cells instead of being directly excreted by the kidneys, like water soluble vitamins.

    Any good advice is valuable. Thank You.


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    I haven’t heard of this being a die-off symptom personally, so it may be unrelated to candida. I am sure able will chime in on this; you might want to consult a doctor and have some testing done to see if there is a bodily imbalance.



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    I had really bad leg cramps before figuring out I had a candida issue. It was like very muscle was having a charlie horse. I do not know if it was candida related. At the time many other things were happening to me such as lose of feeling, swelling, and joint pain. My advice would go see a doctor to see if your are deficient in a certain vitamins. I found out I was deficient with b12 and iron. Adding this helped a little but even after the deficiency were fixed I was still having problems. I still have muscle cramps now, but it is very rare (usually muscle twitching and not muscle cramping). I am very sorry that you are experience this :(. I have been there and I know how painful it can be. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Lots of love to you,


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    dehydration often causes leg cramps like that, get drinking as much water as poss every day.


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    I have been getting these since starting the diet too! Kept meaning to ask about it on here, so thanks for beating me to it.

    Unfortunately I have no idea what causes them or what to do about it, but I’ll be following this thread with interest to see if anyone comes up with anything useful.

    I did also have cramps like this during pregnancy, and they were much less of a problem if I did some yoga-style leg stretches before going to bed (as it was mainly only a problem at night). Anything that stretches the calf muscles is good.


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    Avocados provide a good source of potassium and magnesium both, and they’re on the diet.

    Of course, you can also take supplements of both, and as you know, a deficiency of either could definitely be causing the leg cramps. I’d invest in a few supplements and see what happens.



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    I used to get horrid leg cramps when I started the diet…they lasted for a month. I didn’t think that was what you would call die off. However, since it went away in time it must have been. I did post here finally after I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

    Hang in there. Listen to Able and Raster they will guide you to healing.




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    I’ve had them too, especially after I stopped eating avocados because they gave me serious stomach aches. I started with a potassium supplement and the cramps went away. I still take it, but not very regularly. If I feel leg cramps coming on (always at night or early morning), I take the potassium again for a couple of days. I’m using Nature’s Bounty Potassium Gluconate 595mg.Directions say to take 1 a day but I take 4 – 2 during the day and 2 before bed. I’m sure you can find much better brands but this is what I could get my hands on when I was looking for it. (I also continue to take calcium/magnesium.)


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    I have them for over a month now. I am on month three of the treatment, but got organized with forums diet in month two only. I am taking cal/mag/zinc as suggested and tried different doses (high, medium, low) since deficiency and toxicity of these have same symptoms but had no success.

    I did increase kefir intake and I was told kefir contains decent amount of potassium. Didn’t try taking supplement yet.

    I am chronically dehydrated since even before the treatment (had chronic diarrhea for three months or so), but even now during the treatment I feel dehydrated all the time even though I do manage to get between 2 and 4 quarts of liquids in me. It all just goes out into the urine it seems. Anyone else experiences this?

    I wonder if most of the supplements and foods we take are detox, the way you detox is to get the stuff out so perhaps they flush the water out of the body and toxins with it. Any logic behind my thinking here?

    Any way we can stay hydrated during treatment? Any advice?



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    I have this same issue. Only when doing a candida cleanse. I am a little over a month into one right now. Even though I am taking potassium and magnesium supplements and drinking plenty of water, I still get really bad leg cramps (mostly at night). Any ideas or recommendation of what would reduce these is greatly appreciated.


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    I used to get terrible leg cramps back when I was suffering from heavy adrenal fatigue. Supplementing with adrenal cortex extract helped tremendously for this.


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    I have been experimenting with different supplements under the advisement of my doctors and while the leg cramps have not disappeared entirely yet, they have become less frequent and less severe. I was already taking plenty of vitamin and mineral supplements along with drinking lots of water. The additional steps which seemed to help are:

    Increased consumption of approved foods high in natural potassium and magnesium (this is not always easy and many are forbidden, but I try to eat as much spinach, avocado, plain yogurt, pine nuts and tuna as possible) Getting it naturally definitely works better than the supplements.

    I have also added a potassium iodine liquid health supplement and quinine as I was told they were very good for cramps.

    As I said, they are not gone completely but have been much less frequent and less severe. I believe the only times I still get them is when I don’t eat enough food with natural potassium and magnesium.

    I hope this helps anyone else out there experiencing this issue.

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