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    I have chronic fatigue (main illness that affects my well being), some type of yeast overgrowth, and acute allergies to some foods (presumed from leaky gut based on what little info I’m reading).

    How do you tell what symptoms go with that?

    In my case, after I eat a food I shouldn’t, I get very itchy all over in spots I know I have yeast (ears, armpits, breasts, legs, etc). Some time later (a couple hours or less maybe), my eyes will intensely itch and sometimes will even swell shut. The swelling can continue for hours to days, and sometimes even goes down my face and into my mouth (cheeks/gums). It is almost always on only one side. I am assuming the first itchy spell over my body is yeast, second in my eyes is allergic reaction to the food… though the other thing that has me confused is I’m not sure that the itchy eyes necessarily goes along with the swelling shut. My eyes have swelled shut I’m guessing over 20 times in the past few months, and except for one time, it always happens when I am lying down with my face against the couch or the bed. I have done a food sensitivity test IgG, and I tested positive to many foods; supposedly I have no CLASSIC allergies to food IgE I have a problem with migraines and have been noticing that I will get what feels like a migraine coming on after a couple hours of eating something bad as well. (Since cutting out milk, my migraines have drastically reduced… so sad because I love milk so much)

    I also have achy/stiff joints (esp wrists and fingers), exhaustion, and muscle pain in my shoulders/neck that is sometimes very bad… but it’s harder to tell what the triggers are for that because they are so present in my life. It seems to get worse after a big die off, or after I eat something bad, and sometimes it’s just there. I’m thinking it’s the chronic fatigue being triggered by stress of yeast and allergies? Eating lots of vegetables high in vitamin C, juicing, and consuming a big dose of vitamin C helps the exhaustion, not so much the joints or muscle pain.

    Does all of that sound reasonable? I’m trying to figure out what goes with what illness so I can address it better, if that makes sense. The main thing that really worries me is the allergy thing because that is somewhat new, and I hope it doesn’t mean that the yeast is getting worse. The joint and muscle pain is also relatively new… and I read somewhere that it is due to having leaky gut for a while….. so again, worried the yeast is getting worse.


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    Well I wouldn’t discount inflammation being a problem for you. Inflammation of the gut can cause allergies as well as migraines. Inflammation can cause the muscle and joint pain. Inflammation can occur when your body becomes acidic (or dehydrated)…so I recommend a possible anti-inflammatory protocol to get better. This would involve eating anti-inflammatory foods and taking anti-inflammatory supplements such as fermented cod liver oil, flax oil, etc.

    Do you drink enough water? Do you still drink coffee or caffeine?

    Have you tried the diet?

    Die-off occurs when you kill the yeast, and antifungals do this.

    I basically wouldn’t worry about chronic fatigue as much anymore as your other problems; it’ll take a long to reverse it in general. Have you checked out your thyroid health?

    Your link didn’t work by the way…

    What is your digestion like, how often do you have bms?



    Vegan Catlady
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    Do you notice kidney pain ever?
    And if so, is the kidney pain on the same side that you get symptoms on?

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