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    I know that tanning beds are not good for your skin, however has anyone ever heard that they aid in detoxifying the body? Or perhaps its just the extra Vitamin D that you benefit from? I have always felt better when I have used them, and know of a woman that said a dr. actually was recommending the treatment for her because of her excessive toxins.


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    Hi winemom – as I’ve mentioned in other posts I use the sunbed for my guttate psoriasis and it really helps. The doctor who diagnosed it said that sunlight was the best thing for it (and in a wintery Ireland the sunbed is the next best thing!)… but I haven’t heard of it helping to detox. You don’t sweat (well, maybe the tiniest bit) so I can’t see how it would. That said, I agree completely that you feel batter after having a session – probably the UV rays… they recommend it for people affected by seasonal depression in countries with little sunlight in winter.

    Sorry I can’t shed any more light on the matter for you (pun intended!).


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    Hello, Luce and WM.

    The only substance I know of that using a sun bed can remove from the human body is lactic acid.
    But of course you’d only have a problem with this if you practice extensive and strenuous exercise. During intensive exercise such as running your body can reach a point where it starts producing lactic acid; this is what causes the pain and muscle cramps during hard exercise.

    Other than pain or muscle cramps, another problem that excess lactic acid can produce is tooth decay. The American Dental Association claims that tooth decay is caused mostly by starchy foods like bread/breadsticks, cereals and potato chips that linger on teeth and prolong the lactic acid production.

    A bit of interesting information was released concerning one study of people who habitually use sun beds; the research was funded by by the US National Cancer Institute and published in the Archives of Dermatology medical journal.

    The research: It appears that, during the process of planning and preparing for a sun bed session, those people who use indoor tanning beds on a regular basis exhibit the same characteristics of those with other addictive behaviors such as alcohol and drugs. In other words, the study is leaning towards the idea that using a sun bed can be an addictive behavior for certain people. If you’re like me and wondered how this can be, I had a feeling that it might have something to do with a better mood being the result of sun bed bathing; and it seems that this is also the conjecture of various other studies as well. According to East Tennessee State University, using a sun bed to improve depression symptoms is not an uncommon practice among sun bed bathers.



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    It’s just a shame they’re so bad for us!!

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