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    Hi there

    Just wondering if anyone knows if it’s okay to fake anti fungals with antidepressants? I’ve been on fluoxetine (prozac) for the last 8 weeks as have been suffering depression for a long time. They have helped bring me up to a level that I’m a place to do this diet. Have felt for years that I have a massive sugar problem and pretty sure I have candida. Showing many symptoms and sure my depression is one of them.

    This week I have overhauled the diet quite and I had started taking a good pro biotic as well as caprylic acid. Just wondering if this will affect my absorption of the anti depressant? Taking them quite far apart so was hoping it won’t but feeling a bit lower than I have been this week, but already noticing a massive difference in my skin and brightness. Can anyone help or advise me? Reading things on the internet can be a mindfield.



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    Prozac is in the SSRI category which benefits the yeast; I take a different antidepressant and hope to get off of it some day, but its not in the SSRI category.

    I would do a search on SSRI in the forum and dvjorge I think has a study about it.

    Update: It sounds like SSRI’s are highly antifungal and so you might feel miserable. A few forum members went to the hospital after attempting the diet while on SSRI’s.



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    Hi raster

    Thank you for that. I’ve eased up on the caprylic acid but continuing with diet and probiotics until I know what I’m doing with the anti depressants. It’s actually quite hard to find information on taking them while trying to tackle candida. Do you think that the combination of my ssri and caprylic acid would cause too much die off for my body? I’m going around in circles, it can all be very confusing. Not sure what’s the right thing to do. Really want to get rid of the candida as I’m sure it’s actually contributing to my depression but don’t want to fall back down either. Anyway thank you for your help 🙂

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