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    Hi again,
    this question is bothering me for a long, but finally I am ready to ask it. I suffer with candida for 3 months, realistically : following the diet, taking antifungals and probiotics and molybdenum (finally ordered it ), is there any chance I will be feeling better or at least not that bad till christmas ? Honestly, I dont know how long can I continue living like this… its like hell ;(
    BTW : Happy Halloween everyone !


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    The first 2 weeks are very hellish, and then after that you will notice slight and drastic improvements slowly over time. You won’t feel nearly as tired, irrateable, and the die-off symptoms will diminish. Anxiety, depression, headaches, runny noses, heart palpitations, tremors, bloodshot eyes will all go away. Cravings will be almost gone at this point.

    The allergic reactions to food and sugars will be one of the long-term things you could face, as well as general fatigue. After about 1 month, you will start to feel real great. Between that time and a few months later, you will improve steadily. By xmas time you should feel a ton better; not even the same person!



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    jennyska wrote: is there any chance I will be feeling better or at least not that bad till christmas?

    Hi, Jenny.

    From reading your earlier posts, it appears that you’ve only been solidly on the detox/diet for about a week, although you were diagnosed with Candida over three months ago. This means that by Christmas you will have been on the diet for about two months, and by then you’ll be taking antifungals and a probiotic. There’s an excellent chance that your symptoms will be greatly lessened by then, “providing that you have not broken the diet by cheating” which will of course feed the Candida prolonging the time that it will take for the symptoms to diminish.

    If you agree to do so, in about six days you can start on a good probiotic; I’m saying this because of your wish to be substantially better by Christmas. A probiotic will build the environment in your intestines which will create a less hospitable environment for the Candida infestation to thrive. You can go ahead and start researching places where you can obtain a probiotic if you want, especially since you are in Wales (I assume) and not the US. has a few good ones to start with this early; the following link is one example.

    Keep in mind that by Christmas you will very likely still be on the diet to some degree for maintenance as the infestation can very easily start up again with enough food which would allow them to multiply once again. The number one reason that so many people have a relapse of the infestation is going off of the diet too soon after the symptoms subside; this by no means is proof that there is no longer enough Candida in your body to cause the infestation to rebuild.

    Please respond with your thoughts on the possibility of adding a probiotic in about a week.



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    Thank you Raster 🙂
    And you as well, when Im symmptoms free, I’ll come to give you a hug, because both of you Able and You are helping me greatly 🙂

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