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    I’m on week 5 (week 3 of diet, did 2 week vege cleanse)
    All I eat is : organic eggs, veges on the list, sometimes (2 times week) organic chicken, red salmon (2 x week) plain organic unsweetened yoghurt, and lately bread (made by me!) made with organic coconut flour, buckwheat flour, eggs,water, olive oil, himilayan salt. Drinking ALOT of water and herbal teas probably 3-4 x day (nettle, chicory)

    My symptoms come and go – sore throat, vaginal thrush, dandruff.
    Digestion has been the best it has ever been though!
    Die off symptoms have been fatigue, lack of appetite, a bit of nausea.

    The three mentioned above -especially the thrush and dandruff would they be normal part of die off at this stage? I kind of thought they would be getting better by now..


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    These can all be symptoms of die-off, even at five weeks.
    Very glad to hear the digestion has improved so much.

    The nettle and chicory are both beneficial.

    The herb nettle leaf is an excellent source of vitamin C, chromium, and protein and all of these can support the adrenal glands.

    And chicory is a beneficial prebiotic.



    Topics: 6
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    Thanks Able!! It’s all working from things I’ve read here which is a credit to you!

    The nettle is also high in iron, beneficial for me as I had really low iron over Christmas and had to have an iron injection.

    I think the Swedish Bitters have made the biggest changes for me out of everything though. With regards to digestion I mean.

    Good to know all those things are probably die off. Will continue onwards then! 🙂

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