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    I start a detox plan very similar to the easy cleanse with lemon water, green vegetables, no sugar, no bread etc for the first week. It was terribly hard but in week 2 I started having 2 slices of rye bread and for lunch some white rice. I felt fine and actually more energetic than before the detox and perhaps this is just related to the vegetables and lack of sugar. Anyway I wanted to get some opinions on the following: I noticed that when I slacked off this weekend..took kids out for the weekend… I ate some bagels, coffee and has a couple of slices of pizza. The funny thing was that afterwards I had these headaches and was wondering if this is any way related to fungal/candida infection or perhaps something else. I decided to do a thorough cleanse in a few months where I will be fasting throughout the day for a month and it would be much easier to stay on the diet and do the cleanse. Also the diet encourages organic eggs only, organic meat etc. but I have stuck to my normal grocer eggs and butcher meat.Does anyone have any opinions on Kashe cereals without milk?


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    Check out the allowed foods list:

    The reason you are getting headaches is that you are allergic to the foods you are eating. This includes rye, white rice, bagels, pizza, etc.

    Eating these foods feeds candida and will only make it worse. I have no idea what kind of diet you are following, but it won’t help you reach a cure.

    White rice contains starch and sugars.

    Rye is a grain and feeds candida.

    Bagels are made from wheat which feeds candida.

    Pizza contains tomatoes (sugar), wheat, and cheese (molds) which all feed candida.


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