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    Hello people!

    I figured people here could use a sunshinestory, I know very well how hard you are struggeling and that sometimes everything seems hopeless:

    I first started my diet in April this year. I had been going to doctors for 5 years due to all the symptoms, diharea, rashes, depressions and so on and so forth. I had reaaly bad diharea for 5 years and I was so depressed and almost started to think about ending my hopeless life. I would never do it but I was so depressed because every doctor just said “you have to live with it, its IBS” “we cant do anytihng” ” 1 in 10 gets this” and bla bla bla… I did endoskopi, rektoscopi, gastroscopi, nothing was found.
    Then this amazing thing called Google, led me to this page, THIS FANTASTIC page who litterly have saved my life!

    I thought what the hell, the symptoms here matches all symptoms I have! So I started the diet. After 10 days i felt like a complete new person! I hadnt felt that good in over 10 years. I started laughing again, making conversations, and just loving life! And the stool was flawless! It was truely amazing!

    But STUPID as I was I started cheating and thinking “it can´t be that bad with a pizza or a bag of crisps”. I went fine for a while but then the syhmptoms came back, and they were worse. Much worse. I got soooo depressed, and emidiatly I went on the diet again. It was in May, 1st. This time it took much longer time for the symptoms to clear, about 3,5 months…So now I have done it since then and I will never cheat again for a long time. Because 3 days aproxmantly I got that nice feeling in my body again, the feeling of beating this terrible desease called Candida! Now I am symptomfree again, perfect stool, and laughing my ass of! Like a dork haha and I love it!

    So, if it really is Candida that you have, don´t give up, it´s hard trust me I know, but when you get that feeling in your body when it clears ITS WORTH EVERY MINUTE!!

    Well this was my story, if you have any questions I will be delighted to answer them, allthough I probably will not be here so often because I am out enjoying life 🙂 (and I know the candidadiet page inside and out hehe)

    And for you guys who started this page, I dont know how to thank you enough!!

    Cheers friends

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