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    I did a forum search on this topic and didn’t find anything, but I happened to read a post that referenced something that I have suffered from, which is sunburned skin.

    Alby1970 wrote:
    Topic: Starting…again
    Posted: Saturday, July 23, 2011 6:46:14 PM
    I have had all sorts of symptoms for years. Three years ago I started the cleanse/diet and did amazingly…for a while.

    I had horrible die off at the beginning but they went away after a week or so. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing my skin look better than it had in forever and my red (sunburn looking) chest was perfectly normal.

    Has anyone else experience this? The symptoms are getting better, but I still have to remain fully covered, wear sunblock and have all blinds closed as I have become ridiculously photo sensitive. The medication, which I believe caused the Candida overgrowth, made me sun sensitive and I think the ethanol from the fungus is contributing. I have a few other cellular and lymphatic theories that I won’t bore you with.

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