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    Hi all,

    My kids (7 and 5) both appear to have issues with Candida. I have them on an a very strict elimination diet at the moment (not quite stage 1, but probably very close) and they seem to be experiencing die-off symptoms.

    Both act like they are high as kites if they get anything sweet, including fruits or honey, but I am struggling with what to feed them since they are so picky.

    Anyway, I had great success myself in treating my Candida with Oil of Oregano and dietary changes. Is there something similar I can give the kids that is safe enough for little folk? Anyone got a suggestion for a smaller dose of Oil of Oregano and how to get them to eat it? I ate mine with a teaspoon of honey (at someones suggestion), and while honey is a sugar this seemed fine and very effective for me.

    Would love some ideas and support!

    Wee Hen


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    SF722 undecenoic acid by thorne or coconut oil.



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