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    In our daily Candida Diet, where we try our best to eliminate the feeding of our yeast infestation, we do it by monitoring our sugar and carbs in foods to zero if possible.

    What is our limit in sugar per day, or in carbs per day.

    For instance, a box of Eden organic Kamut and Buckwheat Pasta has 30% buckwheat and 70% Kamut wheat in the pasta. I didn’t read the article on closely enough to catch the 70% Kamut grain.

    Anyhow what is our daily max of carb sugar and how is that different from sugar on every Nutrition Facts label on every box or package we buy before eating. This particular box of Kamut and Buckwheat Pasta is 12 oz or 340 gr. of pasta. This breaks down to 1 cup servings of 6 per box, and in each serving there are 39 grams of carbs, and 3 gr of sugar. What is the difference in the sugar and the carbs as far as feeding the infestation of yeast.

    I’ve never understood the difference, and also again I’m guessing each one of us intuitively knows our limit of carbs or sugar, or has some lab figured out a number.

    I’m still having a hard time with daily detoxing, because of the bad weakness and no energy. It’s rough moving around, and I’m pretty sure its the pasta and I have to finish it because I’m vegan and can’t waste good food, but there must be enough carbs to keep having to detox them everyday until I finish this pasta. It’s hard to believe the hard detox for such a small amount of carbs, or sugar. I felt better not doing the bitters, molybdenum, coconut oil, Caprylic acid, Triphala, Vit C, Garlic pills, milk thistle, liver strength by Mega Foods, etc. daily. It’s been 4 weeks and I wish it was over.


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    Is kamut flour allowed?



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    I dont think there is neccesarily a limit to carbs or sugar. Sugar feeds the candida so the more of it you eat, the more you will feed the candida.

    Carbs are broken down by the body into glucose (sugar). The glucose is stored in muscles as glycogen, and when fuel is needed the body turns this back into glucose for energy. This is the reason athletes eat lots of carbs before strenuous activity. This is also the reason why this diet has a lot of moderately low GI foods.

    Kamut is between 40 and 45 on the glycemic index. The GI is a measure of how rapidly carbohydrates are broken down into sugar and enter the bloodstream raising the blood sugar. This is a medium level GI food. The GI chart measures from 0-115.
    Broccoli, cauliflower, etc. are about a 15 on the GI.

    When i started the diet i was also tired, especially in the morning. Also, some of the users feel if taking nothing else molybdenum would be beneficial not only to help with die-off mentally, but to protect the body from the ill effects of die-off on your internal organs.

    Good luck,


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    I try to eliminate crabs and sugars as much a possible. I personally have a server infestation so I need to make sure that I dont take anything with sugar or crabs as much as possible. I think it really depends on how bad your candida problems is on how strict you need to be. With that being said I think it best to be very strict on the diet because that just means you will recover faster and be back to a normal diet sooner. But it also needs to be realistic for you. I personally have to have 5 raspberries or blackberries every couple of days because if I dont I know I will cheat. I am now finally getting to the point where I might decide to eliminate this one thing that contains sugar out of my diet. Also make sure you are eating enough food because your body need nutrients. Don’t slow down your food intake because it seems like a lot of work to make health choices.
    Hope this helps,

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