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    Hello I don’t know if i have candida so I´m eating normal. But yesterday I eat a lot of sugar like 200 grams per day ( Cause I have problems eatings) That day I was realy happy like I was druged cause the sugar improve my brain but today I wake up and felling so depressive and fatigue. Ok so my question is: I know sugar is bad but is possible be the sugar the only reason for my depression and fatigue or it can be candida? I also have bloating stomach. But the worst is my depression and fatigue. Maybe I should just eat normal without have cravings by sugar. Well I will explain that: I can resist 4 days but then I have to eat sugar and then i resist more 4 days and then I eat a lot of sugar again. i think I´m sugar addict but not because I have candida cause I was so depress that I need to eat.


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    Do you have any other symptoms?


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    You don’t have to eat sugar, you have to deal with the cravings. They disappear within a relatively short amount of time, so it’s just a case of self-restraint until that happens. It doesn’t matter if you have candida or not; eating that amount of sugar will set the stage for a degenerative disease like diabetes. You probably already have some sort of issue like insulin resistance if you’re jonesing that badly after 4 days. I wouldn’t believe that your diet isn’t related to your depression either. Sugar is terrible for your brain chemistry and destabilises your mood.


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    I have to eat sugar

    Javizy is right, you don’t have to eat sugar, you only believe you do in order to stop being depressed. There’s an important difference there, and the sooner you recognize it, the sooner you can stop the on-again-off-again cycle of being depressed and not.

    The Truth: The sugar is causing your depression. There are tons of research studies available proving that sugar increases depression and even causes panic attacks in susceptible people. So you can believe that you’ll never completely stop the depression until you stop eating sugar the way you do.

    So the first thing you need to do is to stop repeating “I have to eat sugar” because that’s just not true. Just stop repeating it; do you think you can manage that? If so, then you will have completed the first step and a very important step. But you need to replace that belief with another belief, and that’s just as important as it is to stop saying you need sugar. What you can replace it with is, “I have to eat vegetables.” That’s it, just start thinking and saying that until it’s part of what you think on a normal basis. Remove the word “sugar” from your vocabulary completely, do you see what I’m talking about? Also remove all the sugar products from your cabinets, if it’s there, you’re probably going to eat it.

    This is the first step, after you’ve managed to do this, come back and talk with us about the next step, meantime, we’re here.



    Pauçp Jose
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    Thanks able and javizy for you great answers. Well I made the diet for about 8 days eating 200 billions per day and eat 6 cloves of garlic per day with 18 tablespoon per day but I think i didn´t have die off. I just have a litle headache the 4 day and felling more depressive and fatigue. But in the day 8 I was felling so great and less depressive. So I don´t understand if I was felling less depressive and less fatigue cause I kill candida or cause my blood sugar was normal. My god I didn´t understand why I´m felling better.

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