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    Sorry in advance for the long post!

    I’m so frustrated. I accidentally ate sugar tonight, and sugar makes me crazy. In fact, a few days ago I ate something that was made purely from dried dates and walnuts, but it didn’t occur to me that the dried dates would have a high sugar content. Within 24 hours the depression/anxiety started to escalate and eventually I exploded in my car to the point where I was sobbing and hyperventilating because of how upset I was. If anyone had been with me they would have thought that I just got a call saying my best friend died. They would have called a psychiatrist. Sometimes I think I must be psychotic.

    I recently found out I have candida overgrowth, along with a multitude of food allergies, such as wheat, casein, yeast and everything else under the sun (sometimes I wish I could just move to another planet where I wouldn’t be allergic to the produce). And for the last 22 years of my life I never had any idea what was wrong with me, but now it makes so much sense. Finally the mood swings seem to have some consistency, in the sense that I can predict when they’re coming because now I know the source of it all.

    I have so much brain fog. I used to throw fits every day as a kid and space out during class. Even now at my job my coworkers are telling me that ever since I stopped eating sugar I haven’t been going into as many “trances” as I used to, even though I had no idea I went into trances at work. I do have a specific memory of a time in grade school when I came to consciousness in the middle of class and everyone around me was out of their seats grabbing textbooks and the teacher was towering over me yelling, asking why I wasn’t paying attention, but I was so confused. Because I hadn’t been sleeping. I’d been staring at a wall. But for the life of me I couldn’t remember what I was thinking about.


    Fast forward fifteen years and I’m still so confused all the time. Two boyfriends dumped me for the same reason, my “emotional instability.” I recently lost a relationship with someone I really liked a lot, because I had a freakout over absolutely nothing that wouldn’t end. It all started because I was acting like a child in the grocery store (ADHD), and after we left I sensed that it irritated him a bit, so I started crying about it and couldn’t stop. He was really taken aback and wanted to know why I was crying, but I couldn’t articulate why, because I had no idea. Two weeks later I got upset about something completely irrational, and for two days I wouldn’t stop harping on the same issue and fighting about it, even though I had no reason to be so upset. We hadn’t known each other long enough for that sort of behavior to be acceptable, but for some reason I did it anyway. My anxiety was just so bad.

    When I have brain fog, I don’t always understand what people are trying to say to me, so I’ll ask them to explain again and again because I can’t understand why I don’t understand, and I can’t accept the fact that I don’t understand. This leads to fights, drama and miscommunications. Sometimes I get so antsy and restless that I want to tear my hair out. I’ll start punching things because I’m so frustrated. I get in these moods where I FEEL like my life isn’t going anywhere and like nothing is ever enough, even though I know that’s not true. As if my need for more, more, more — whatever “more” is — is never satiated. So long as I don’t eat sugar or anything I’m allergic to, I seem to behave like a normal human being with a logical head on my shoulders, but get the wrong foods in me and I completely lose my sanity and have social phobias. All my self-confidence disappears and I become extremely nervous.

    I’m just so frustrated because it’s been so hard. Trying to figure out what I can and can’t eat. The sugar cravings are so bad, and every time I see sugar it’s this awful tease because I want it so bad, but I know if I eat it I will lose control of myself and my senses. Sorry to rant, but I just needed somewhere to vent my feelings, because it seems like no one comprehends it. I read about people going through this sort of thing and talking about how they’re so lucky they have a supportive lover or friend, but I always just get the same result. I always scare people away. People love me, except when I have sugar in me, or any of my allergies. Then everyone close to me runs for the hills. I had no idea food could have this kind of effect, and it sounds so extreme, but it’s becoming more real to me all the time, every time I eat the wrong food. Is this familiar to anyone at all? Is it really possible that sugar could be so harmful to me? Or should I be seeing a psychiatrist?


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    I get brain fog really bad and i feel ashamed when i have to ask the same question again and again when i was only just told the answer. I used to remember everything, so i don’t know what its like to suffer super long term, but i really struggle mentally these days like i never did.

    Maybe you should see a naturopath.


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    Sounds like all your problems are related to candida. I think you will find a lot of people who understand you here.
    Although I think my infestation is not that extreme as others, I have some of your symptoms too. For me it’s more like anxiety and anger – but maybe that’s a difference between men and women.
    Remember that candida produces a lot of different kind of toxins, whereof a certain amount can change your behavior (like ethanol). Eating a lot of sugar/caffeine can make me crazy too.
    It’s okay to see a psychiatrist, as long as you don’t have to take any medication. But I’m very pretty sure that all your psychological problems are related to a candida overgrowth. Same goes for food allergies (search for ‘leaky gut’).
    I’m on week 10 of the strict diet and a lot of my anxiety is gone.
    Also, sugar cravings disappear a few weeks after eating no sugar at all.

    Take care.


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    Thanks so much for the responses! It really helps having some support and confirmation, and just knowing that others are going through the same thing as me. Knowing what is wrong with me and that there is a solution to all these weird ups and downs gives me a lot of hope, but I know it’s going to be a slow process because I still sometimes have stomach aches and emotional reactions to things I wasn’t expecting because some ingredient was secretly hiding in it…


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    Well if you want us to help you with a food list, we can do this. Its best to avoid starches, sugar, fake sugar, molds, dairy, etc. After a few months on the diet and taking antifungals and probiotics, you should start to feel better.

    There is a very strong gut-mind connection and what happens in our guts can affect our brains.

    What are you doing to detox from the toxins? What is your plan to get better?



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    I feel you, Newbie! I have almost the same kinds of reactions when I eat the stuff I am allergic to. I get SOOOO mad. I just start yelling at everybody. My family is like, what is going on?? Im sorry you have to deal with that. Its so hard. But at the same time, even though you know how youre going to act afterward, its so hard not to eat that stuff when your WHOLE body is craving it!


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    Have you thought about trying some sugar substitutes? Stevia, erythritol and xylitol are all ok for most people, although occasionally they might cause digestive issues if your system doesn’t like them. They are a great way to cut your sugar intake without having to go through the sugar cravings. Of course you should also be trying to reduce your sweet tooth anyway, but you’ve got to start somewhere!


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    I have had similar issues as you. I recently started taking organic schizandra and it has turned my entire life around. Its a simple berry but happens to be extremely popular in chinese medicine. I read up on a doctor named dr. chang who has a 100 acre farm of schizandra in Massachusetts.
    Happy New Year!


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    vemaculate;52452 wrote: I have had similar issues as you. I recently started taking organic schizandra and it has turned my entire life around. Its a simple berry but happens to be extremely popular in chinese medicine. I read up on a doctor named dr. chang who has a 100 acre farm of schizandra in Massachusetts.
    Happy New Year!

    Ohhhh I like the sound of that stuff! What symptoms did you take it for and how long did it take to work? I’m working on increasing energy, decreasing allergic eyes and nose, decreasing brain fog and fixing my nuclear war zone erm…”downstairs…lets just say gold bond is my best friend…

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