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    I recently noticed the coconut I’ve been taking has 1g of sugar and 1g of carbs. Most seem to have none. The only ingredient is “expeller pressed Jamaican coconut oil” I don’t see how it is any different from the other brands, should I be concerned?


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    Good question, Ive not seen that before.

    Normally its like this:


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    Mines the same way. There’s more sugar in a lot of the vegetables on the diet so I’m gonna guess it’s not a concern since its probably killing more than it’s feeding… But I’d like to hear what able or raster think.


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    It’s like Xday referred to, the coconut oil has so many positive effects on your treatment that worrying about 1 gram of sugar or carbohydrate isn’t worth the bother. My experience is it’s a lot more difficult to cure a Candida overgrowth without coconut oil than it is with it.



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    A head of lettuce contains 3g of sugar, a can of pumpkin puree contains 4g of sugar, a pound of coconut flour contains 1g of sugar, 15 blueberries contain 8g of sugar, a red onion contains 4g of sugar…there is no way to completely avoid sugar while on the diet! It exists in almost everything and you cannot recover without veggies!

    So, thats why this is called a “low sugar” diet because typically, most people eat less than 25g of natural sugar per day. I have eaten blueberries throughout my diet and it hasn’t set me back.

    Oh and greek yogurt and kefir contain natural sugars as well!


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