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    ok i think have candida i get heavy cravings for sugars its soo hard too reisit it i went homopath today and hopefully he can diganosis me soon !! if i do have candida do u know they give u cure it??? diet??


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    sugar cravings are awful, I was a sugar junkie. I have to admit it gets easier after a while, you stop the cravings. I got some stevia which is a great sugar substitiute and you can use it to sweeten baking without aggravating the cndida. Its the only thing you can have that doesnt raise blood sugar or insulion levels and its calorie free. Use it when you are desperate then at least you feel you are having a treat without harming yourself .


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    Sugar cravings are miserable – but they do get better. Years of eating sugar can result in candida overgrowth and also in excess insulin production, and both of these things can make you crave it that much more. Cutting it out completely is the way to go, so your blood sugar can stabilize and the candida can die. The first few days are the worst but as time goes on the cravings really do go away for the most part.

    Make sure you have other things you enjoy on hand, so you don’t just constantly feel deprived, and also make sure to eat regularly. I find my sugar cravings mostly come back when I’ve gone too long between meals, and my blood sugar is low. But if I reach for a serving of brown rice or some veggies, the craving for sugar fades pretty quickly.


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    Stevia extract is a great substitute for sugar(store products though have sugar in them.)

    The only problem is that using a sugar substitute is not going to cure your cravings. The only thing that will do that is kicking the habit.

    The more fresh, non-processed foods you eat the less you’ll crave sugar.

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