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    Well folks this is probably my last post. I really am amazed at how extremely dumb I’ve been. I have had extreme rectal itching for over two years. I feel like it has taken part of my life from me. I was totally convinced I had candida because I also have mild excema on my hands and have a history of heavy antibiotic use. So I have done the website’s candida diet now for close to a year and the forum’s diet for over three months without seeing any results. Stupid me I never even went to the doctor at all during that time. I had however been to several doctors who told me I had hemmrhoids, yeast, and parasites so I eventually decided to give up on doctors helping me find a cure for my problem.

    It wasn’t until I decided to go see a doctor in hopes of getting a script for diflucan and nystatin that I found out just how wrong I’d been all along. You see, I asked my M.D. for a culture of my anal rash and found out I have a bad staph infection and will need antibiotics! I hung up with the doctor and immediately began sobbing because it was SUCH a relief to find such a simple answer to this misery I have been through.

    The reason I stuck with the diet for so long was I really thought I was improving in small ways. Mainly I was just desperate for an answer. Needless to say I have been eating whatever I please now. I just cannot believe how stupid I was!!!

    I write all this to share my story with you in case you are doubtful that you have Candida. Try to get everything else ruled out first! I even had a Metametrix stool analysis that came back +4 for yeast overgrowth. This was the main reason I pursued the diet. But now looking back I think maybe it was detecting the yeast in the huge amount of kefir I was drinking at the time!

    Anyway, just wanted to share what has lead me to a cure for my problem! 🙂

    God bless you all!


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    wow! so happy for you! I’m wondering if you had any die off while you were on the diet? Did you just do the diet for over a year and feel nothing?

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