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    Hello. My severe stomach (abdomen) problems started about three years ago. Then in the summer of 2008 my problems with yeast infections started. They go away once it’s treated with terazol or diflucan, only to return a month or a few months later. Then came the itching. This itching in my vulva has been a total nightmare. I can not get rid of it and I want it gone!! I’ve been to several doctors, including gastroenterologist, dermatologist, allergist, gynocologist, and immunologist. I’ve been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, low immune system, hypothyroidism, dermatitis, and yeast infections. Still with vague results, temporary solutions, medication and creams.
    I’ve had to do the research on my own and after reading forums, such as this one, it’s been suggested that it might be candida. Now it started to make sense why I would itch when I would eat a lot of chocolate, which, along with a very poor diet, may have been the culprit of this ongoing nightmare.
    I’ve been on the candida diet for about two weeks and I notice that some symptoms are worsening, which I’m associating to the die-off effect. I’m going to stay on the diet and really focus on improving my eating habits, for this problem to be solved. My concern is, am I going to always be sick? Obviously I can’t go back to eating tons of junk food, but what about once in a while? Is it some kind of permanent illness?
    And is it possible that there might be some other ailment causing this candida to grow? The reason why I ask is, since my immune system is low, I’m wondering if it’s caused by the candida, or if the candida is a result of having such a low immune system. It would seem as if the low immune system might make the body less able to fight this yeast infections.


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    I would almost bet that Candida is causing your symptoms. I been researching this problem of ours for quite some time and have read that we can expect anywhere from 6 months to a year of strict dieting before our candida is under control. At that point I do believe that cheating would not be out of line. It’s when we get out of control that the candida will come back…even worse

    This past April I was in the hospital for 6 days…not candida related. When I got out I felt great. No candida symptoms at all and I thought I was cured. So I went right back to my horrible diet trying to put my weight back on. McDonalds, pizza, taco bell, breakfast cereals loaded with sugar and so on.

    About two months later all my symptoms were back 10 times worse. It is now December and I’m still fighting to get this back under control. You have to basically eliminate sugar as sugar acts just like rocket fuel for candida.

    I’ve been taking several different anti-fungals with mixed results. I can’t really tell if they are working or not. What is causing me to question their effectiveness is I hav been taking them for about 3 weeks and not really feeling better. I felt great when I got out of the hospital after only 6 days. Now when I was in the hospital I did not eat for 6 days and lost 15 pounds but It is now appearing that will be the most effective treatment.

    Good luck to you in your fight. Please keep me informed as to how you are progressing.

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