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    I’ve always been vulnerable to stress, but stress on this diet just absolutely ruins me. It sets me way back and I feel I’m unable to recover from it. I’m trying to do all the right things like take Ashwagandha, continue my meditation practice etc., but sometimes you just can’t avoid stressful life events.

    Do other people find that stress really drives them into a hole when battling candida?


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    stress is why i have not made progress yet since starting to try this protocol in late jan .i have a problem with emotional eating so that untop of candida cravings caused me to fall off track with the diet every wk or so and really messed up my mindset .now i am being strong and doing my best to avoid binging i take ashwaganda but i found acupuncture to be the best stress relieve so far .

    lil things like putting simple reminders around my house and deep breathing also has helped me .


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    Man I stress everyday thats what I do. I have PTSD also which doesn’t help. I stress about what I have meaning yeast overgrowth, bacteria and or parasites. My test just showed plus two of an unknown yeast whatever that means. Anyway I have been doing acupuncture lately and it helps a bit. I take clorazapan also that helps a ton but I don’t take it as much as I should as I hate pharmaceuticals. You are not alone, the stress just hurts us


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    Stress was a problem until I started high doses of vitamin C. I have taken up to 5000 mg a day and had no ill effects. Try doubling you vitamin C dosage.


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    mrs.candida;41357 wrote: Stress was a problem until I started high doses of vitamin C. I have taken up to 5000 mg a day and had no ill effects. Try doubling you vitamin C dosage.

    Interesting I must try that.

    From what I gather most people with candida suffer from excess stress. My husband has often asked me why I am so stressed & I cannot answer him because tbh there is nothing in my life that can cause the stress levels I experience. I do have PTSD too but I do feel I have worked through some of that. I have seen a massive reduction in my daily stress level during the last 7 days I have been on the cleanse.


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    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions! It’s nice to know I’m not alone in feeling the pressure.


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    Yes, in fact I cant seem to shake the candida off completely due to stress. When you are under alot of emotional or physical stress it increases your cortisol levels. High cortisol can cause blood sugar problems along with vitamin/mineral deficiences and create a better environment for candida.

    Ive found high doses of vitamin C is good for stress. Vitamin C is the most important nutrient for the adrenals. I guess it would make sense that the better your adrenals are working, the better you will be able to handle stress.


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    The hardest thing is that on this diet there’s no stress relief like for example alcohol. I can feel that the most at the end of the week when all I need to relief my stress are two beers. I don’t mean drinking like crazy, just a little bit of alcohol to get relaxed and forget about a working week. Instead I’m relieved that week is over, I’m stressed on Fridays now.

    I’m going to yoga classes and that relieves my stress a little bit, and I would suggest yoga for anyone on this diet because it calms the mind and helps the body get rid of the toxins. Also, I was thinking about weed. I know it’s not allowed on the diet, but I’m looking at costs and benefits. Stress is also hurting my diet, if something can make it go away, that would be a good thing, right? Or am I just crazy? 🙂 Has someone maybe been using it while on the diet, and is willing to share their experience? I’m just looking at all the options because it’s so hard to cope with all the stress.


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    Yes! Stress kills me. I had one stressful thing happen a month ago almost now, and I’m still not quite back to where I was. I lead a generally low-stress life, but yes, things do come up.


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    i found this diet actually stresses me out more ! i mean this whole treatment is stressful anyway but dealing with cravings untop of being sick,doing housework and working as a nurses aid is enough to stress anyone out especially with a terrible 2 in the house lol .we just have to remind ourselves at every moment of weakness that we are doing all of this to recover and we will be healed .sometimes if i remind myself of the pain from my darkest days and imagine my bladder and kidneys covered in yeast it helps ,it keeps me from grabbing a brownie .

    i think all the small things in life that we take for granted most be appreciated more than ever going thru treatment .i dont know but i find it helps to simply hug my baby when im feeling really stressed .

    as far as weed goes i smoke about a blunt or two a day and it does help with stress alot ,plus will ease anxiety nausea and sometimes headache ,however if u dont smoke already i mean i smoked long before i knew about candida ,its probably not a good idea to start because its possible the weed could have ammonia and that will kill your good flora .i continue to smoke because it doses relieve stress alot for me but also its just to much to quit plus do the diet ,if u choose to smoke try not to make it an everyday thing or smoke only a lil bit everyday ,i have cut back alot but i dont see myself quitting .

    there is really no way to know how much or if the weed u buy even has ammonia but sum people that grow and sell it add it to there crops ,others dont so its just a chance u take by smoking . don’t listen to any research about it as it will be inaccurate there are many different types of weed and it comes from all over the place in this country and from others there is absolutely no way to know the amount of ammonia or if that particular grower is using it at all .also smoking will not help cravings at all lol it will make u hungry !

    the best way to smoke is using a vaporizer .


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    Maybe if you’re going to smoke it, try to find someone who grows it themselves to buy from? Obviously that is easier said than done but at least then you’d know if it had anything on it.

    I wish I could smoke it to relax, but I was actually hooked on it for years and know I can’t go back to it. Cannabis withdrawal after the amount I was smoking is up there with my top 3 most unpleasant experiences along with the first month or two of this diet.

    My current stressful situation has really crippled me. I think I need to seek counselling to try to get me through some tough stuff at the moment. It’s 3am here and I’ve woken up after a couple of hours sleep. Waking up and staying awake during the night is really unusual for me. Despite my anxiety disorder and all the manner of unpleasant stuff I have been through over the past few years I can usually get a full nights sleep for which I should be thankful. The past few days, and particularly yesterday evening, have been particularly unpleasant and I have a rather scary doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

    Well, here’s to the future and the prospect of getting my life back!


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    I was more stressed when I started out; like you guys I was freaking out to what was happening to me and I had an inability to cope with the stress.

    The thing that has helped me the most in reducing stress is acupuncture.

    I now basically have no stress and have been like this for the last year or so.


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