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    Has anyone ever cooked with xylitol? I know most people seem to use stevia. I’m trying to find easy recipes for cookies and other snack items. Difficult as most seem to mention butter (this is in gluten and sugar free recipes) so don’t even know what I could use as a butter substitute! I have almond butter but it’s not cheap so not really practical for baking as would end up costing a fortune. I’m finding it almost impossible to stick to this diet because of the difficulty in finding suitable things to eat. At this rate I’m going to end up giving up on it and just living with the oral thrush. Very demoralised right now. Really don’t know how people get through this. The amount of sugar in most products is ridiculous – find it really annoying that manufacturers feel the need to put it in almost everything. If I can bake a few things of my own (if I can even get the ingredients) then it may make things a bit easier


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    Hi Lily, I’m allowed to have butter on my diet! I use organic butter which is pricey but I don’t care – no more chocolate bars so I’ll spend my money on butter!

    My naturapath has me on a detox diet that’s a little different to the one on this site. I made some nice almond meal muffins using coconut flour (expensive but delicious and gluten free), eggs, vanilla, soy milk (or rice milk)and butter. You need to use baking power to allow the batter to raise. I actually don’t like stevia but my naturapath doesn’t want me having xyiltol which I’m really disappointed about. She said my body can react to it like sugar so best to stay away. I therefore have nothing sweet. But I think that’s a good think as I’m addicted to sweet food and I need to change it.

    Check out my blog for some recipe ideas – more to follow! Good luck, cheers, Nina


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    Hello, Lily.

    Like the other poster said, you really shouldn’t be ingesting xyiltol as your body can react to it just as it does sugar. The only sugar sub that most Candida sufferers can tolerate is Truvia, most grocery stores carry this in our area, don’t know about the UK, but you can order it online as well.

    As far as butter goes, there’s a product by the name of ghee which is pure butter fat – with all the milk solids removed. You use it just as you would butter, only you need less to obtain the same results. You can find it on the Internet if not in a local health food store.

    You’re right about the amount of sugar in processed products; you will need to prepare your food yourself. Coconut flour isn’t that expensive on Amazon, and a little goes a long way. Check out the websites that post coconut flour recipes, there are dozens of these and some great recipes. I’ve eaten baked goods using coconut flour for almost ten years, simply for a healthy diet and to avoid wheat products which are known to cause allergies and obesity.

    You can get through this, just try to eat as much as you can and still remain on the diet. Eggs aren’t that expensive, so eat lots of eggs prepared every way you can imagine. Keep boiled eggs all the time and grab one if you’re at a loss for something to eat and are feeling empty. If you can find it purchase mustard made with apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar and make deviled eggs or egg salad with it.

    Otherwise, try sticking with chicken and fish as much as possible, and avoid beef and pork if you can. Sardines are fairly cheap in a lot of countries, so eat a lot of these for protein. They’re young fish and haven’t had a chance for their bodies to obtain much mercury yet.

    Are you taking a good probiotic?

    Any problems or questions, “Always Ask” … someone can always help you here on the forum.

    Good luck, Able


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    I can’t get Stevia in the UK in our shops, the EU have banned it!

    As for butter, ghee is just clarified butter. I do this at home myself, you warm the butter (I use goats butter) and once it’s melted the butter splits, you scrap the white lactose containing part off completley and you are then left with a clear liquid, this I then let cool and put in the fridge. Ghee in health food shops here are way too over priced!

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