Steam Parcels

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    simple but delicious – especially if you are not eating sugar the sweetness of the leeks shines through

    – chicken breast or salmon steak
    – half leek
    – 1 small red onion
    – squeeze lemon
    – salt and pepper to taste
    – 2 tblsp of boiling water
    – garlic and or ginger pieces optional

    Cut the leek and onion into thin strips and mix together. Put the majority of the mixture in the centre of some baking foil, place your meat or fish on top. add salt, pepper, lemon, garlic (if you like this addition), plus the remainder of the leek mixture on top. Pour on the boiling water so the parcel steams from inside.

    set the oven to 180 and cook for between 25 – 45 mins. The longer you cook the softer and more delicious the leek mixture becomes. experiment with different timings and temperatures until you get a consistency you like



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    Yummmy!!!! Thank you for the post! I made this tonight and it was easy and delicious! I put the oven at 375 I think and cooked it for 30 minutes. I steamed another parcel for tomorrow..I cant wait to eat it!

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