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    I have had all sorts of symptoms for years. Three years ago I started the cleanse/diet and did amazingly…for a while.

    I had horrible die off at the beginning but they went away after a week or so. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing my skin look better than it had in forever and my red (sunburn looking) chest was perfectly normal. I was thrilled. Then, I did something really really stupid. I got Botox injections. The toxins must have overloaded my system because two days later I got shingles!

    I went off the diet and was worried about going back on it because the shingles really freaked me out. My symptoms slowly got worse over the past three years. The last year has been really stressful (getting divorced) and I just haven’t had the motivation to do the cleanse/diet. I’ve also been on an all carbs all the time diet and eating more sugar than I ever have. I’ve never been a big sugar eater but, for me, having an ice cream cone or a candy bar every day is a huge change.

    I joined because I am going to start Monday and I need help with my resolve and with staying motivated.


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    Hello, Alby.

    Curing the Candida infestation means that you take antifungals to kill the fungi, and you stay strictly on the diet in order to avoid the cycle of killing and then rebuilding the infestation continuously. It can turn into a never-ending treatment as you can see.

    Staying with the treatment is really all about two choices, and the choices are;
    which would you prefer to live with for the remainder of your life, the candy bar and the Candida infestation, or leaving the candy bar alone and being healthy and free of the suffering you’ve been experiencing? Think about those choices when you see a candy bar or think about an ice cream cone.


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