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    Hello again! I posted in this forum about 2 weeks ago, and I started the candida cleanse this past Monday. I thought it would be better to start a new post rather than dig up the old one I wrote.

    Just to recap, here are my symptoms of candida: I am a 24 year old female with a long history of antibiotic use, a general feeling of lethargy, white coating on tongue, chronic yeast infections and a fungal infection on my toenails.

    I started the cleanse on Monday and today is day 4. I know I’m not doing it perfectly…I eat organic greek yogurt and hard-boiled eggs every day because I have a job that requires a lot of physical and mental energy, and I also have a fast metabolism in general. Other than those two protein sources, I have been eating large amounts of steamed and raw green vegetables, taking lemon juice 3 times a day, and using milk thistle supplements. I also do oil-pulling every morning with coconut oil. No probiotics or antifungal yet. I have not touched any kind of sugar, meat, grain product or alcohol.

    I have felt very weird in the last few days. Experiencing major cravings for chips, chocolate muffins, beer, and cookies. I feel light-headed, achey and lethargic, despite getting adequete protein, and I have to sleep a lot. However, the white coating on my tongue seems to be diminishing a bit, and my digestion has improved massively. I’m used to having a beer every 3 days and usually a muffin for dessert/crackers for snacks, so this diet is very new to me and I think my body is having a hard time adjusting to this major and quick reduction in carbohydrates.

    I think I will stop the cleanse this Sunday and start phase 1 of the diet, where I will begin taking coconut oil and probiotics. Am I on the right track? Any advice? Thank you in advance!


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    Sounds like you are on the right track. I would do some research on the forum for which vitamins/supplements you should take during the next phase of the diet.

    The food cravings are very normal and will subside in time.



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    I’m on day 5 today and have had a similar experience. My digestion feels like it’s shut down though, despite my stomach improving a lot. I tried a low-carb diet before (still including small amounts of rice and quinoa), and had the same experience then, too. After the first few days, the cravings largely disappeared and I began regaining energy and having massive all-round improvements in digestion. I’ve heard people on low-carb diets refer to “low-carb flu” and other names that refer to the symptoms you initially suffer. It’ll take your body some time to adjust to burning more fat than carbs. Obviously, die-off could be exasperating the problem for you.

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