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    I had an unconscious slip up on stage 1. Had some beets and did not realize they were not allowed. Does this mean I have to start all over? I am a week and a half in. Have I undone it all?

    Also, I have been using carob powder quite a bit. I am assuming this is OK in stage 1??



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    When you experience a slip up on the diet, all you can do is take up where you left off and wait to see how or if it affects your Candida symptoms.

    If you’ve never see beets on a not-allowed list before and you’re not familiar with their content, your mistake is understandable. Beets do contain sugar, and have a glycemic index of 64, which is more than a banana and about the same as a serving of mashed potatoes.

    As far as the carob is concerned, there are different varieties of carob with the average amount of carbohydrates per tablespoon of unsweetened carob powder being about 6 grams. It’s full of vitamins and nutrients, and does not contain the same chemicals from the caffeine family as chocolate does. So personally I can’t see why occasionally using it could be damaging to your treatment.

    Consider that your Candida treatment period is a learning experience, and what you’re learning is about your body and the way different foods affect the health of your body. Take solace in the fact that you’ve just learned something about a food item that you didn’t know before.



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    I really think you’ll be fine. You don’t want to take little “splurges” on purpose, of course, but this one little mess up isn’t going to derail everything. I had been doing this diet, literally, for *months* and goofed up and ate a version of sunflower nut butter that was sweetened with evaporated cane juice! I had been eating it for a week and nearly ate half the jar before I realized I had switched brands and didn’t check the ingredients. DOH. My symptoms did increase a little for a week or so, but I took more probiotics than before and decreased my grains and I was back to where I had been pretty quickly. So, like Able said, all you can do is go forward. It’s discouraging to think you messed up when you were trying to be good, but what can you do? Just keep at it 🙂


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    Learn and continue on the diet. Become more familiar with what you can and can’t have in your diet. If you slip up just continue onward…I mean you are only human!

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