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    Hi everyone!
    Maybe I’m overthinking this but I’m a bit confused with what I can eat or not during Stage 1. On the section “OPTION 1: A DETOXING DIET (THE EASIER OPTION)” it says to check what you eat each day, no fast food, beef, fish… and to cut out these toxins. So I was thinking I could eat organic fruits and chicken as I saw in the forum some people taking about their Stage 1 diets. But on “Foods that you can eat” only appears ingredients “to make raw salads and steamed vegetables”. So it that it really? Salads and vegetables for 7 days?
    Many thanks in advance


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    Email able900 for our strict forum foods list.

    It is recommended that you eat only veggies during the cleanse; otherwise it wouldn’t be a cleanse whatsoever.

    We recommend this alternative cleanse if you are interested:


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