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    Seeing as the new forum has been running for a week or so, I’d thought I’d write a quick post on how to get the most out of it. I’ll add any more tips that I can think of later!


    If you would like to add an avatar to your profile, the process is a little different now. The forum uses the public avatar that you can set up at Just set up a Gravatar account using your email address, add an avatar, and it will appear on this forum. It only takes a couple of minutes, and it means that your image will also appear in any other forums that use Gravatars.


    Its really easy to add a signature to your profile.

    1. Click on your name in the right-hand sidebar (just above the LOG OUT’ button. This will bring up your profile page.
    2. Click on ‘Edit’
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and add your signature to the ‘YOUR FORUM SIGNATURE’ area.

    You can use BBCodes to format your signature. To make a word italic, surround it like this: [ i ]example[ /i ]. To make it bold, surround it like this: [ b ]example[ /b ].  (Note: you will need to remove the spaces from those examples for them to work).

    Subscribing to threads

    When you create a thread or reply to one, you can choose to receive notifications by clicking on the checkbox underneath the text editing area. Alternatively, there is a SUBSCRIBE button at the top of the post, Clicking on that will do the same thing.


    There are a number of different ways to format your posts. When you start writing a new topic or reply, they will all be available in the bar just above where you’re writing. Using the right formatting is really important to make your posts easily readable. Good examples would be using bold for subheadings, or using a numbered list in recipe directions.  Here are a few examples:

    Bold Italic Strikethrough

    • Bulleted list
    1. Numbered list


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