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    Okay guys… so, I haven’t been on my diet too much. I’ve been getting things in order with my finances before I go all hardcore.

    I have a serious question. My liver and colon are severely backed up. You can almost smell me across the room. So… now the main question is… When I get on the diet, even more toxins will accumulate into the colon and liver, thats without being on anti-fungals. I can eat two eggs in the morning, and a salad for lunch and by night time, I feel die-off effects. Thats how toxic I am.

    Now, if I do a liver flush, the toxins will just cause more parasite/candida overgrowth, therefore causing more body odor and toxicity.

    If I go on the diet, the same thing will happen.

    So how do I go about flushing the liver and colon without causing more overgrowth and toxic waste build up?

    I have never had problems with body odor in my entire life until recently, thats with having 20+ symptoms on a daily basis.

    The only thing I can think is that maybe I can just take a ton of probiotics and go skateboard at the skate park for a few hours to sweat my ass off (haven’t been to the park since this epididymitis and balanitis problem though, probably will hurt terribly, however, even with the lymph nodes and cyst, the pain has subsided).

    Also, I was thinking of tackling this with raster’s Miracle Fiber suggestion. Possibly trying to have 2-3 bowel movements everyday using this supplement.

    Anyways, all comments are welcome.. Thanks!


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    Also, I heard coffee enemas are good for flushing the liver.


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    If you drink tons of water, this will help reduce the toxicity levels and will remove the toxins from the body. Drink a few liters per day. If you support your liver with liver supplements such as super milk thistle X, then this should reduce it over time as well.

    If you were to sweat out the toxins via the skin by doing a sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi, steam room, etc. then this will help remove the toxins.

    Check out this post for additional ways to detox:



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    Fizzlex, please do not take tons of probiotics and work out for two hours. I cannot think of a worse thing to do for your body right now.

    If you feel like your body is overloaded with toxins and your liver is failing its job, all you should be doing right now is liver support. Forget cleanses. They are extremely hard on the organ and body system. Do what has been proven effective before you do serious damage.

    Take chelated molybdenum, nettle leaf extract or tea and milk thistle supplements. Sweat passively, via hot bath, hot tub or sauna. Do NOT add stress to your body with physical exercise. You body is parasitized. You risk damaging your adrenals and throwing your endocrine system out of balance in a way that will be hard to recover. There are plenty of 20-somethings who have managed to seriously impair their health by pushing their bodies too far.

    Give yourself a week of liver support and sweating and skin brushing to clear what’s already in your system. Start the strict diet 3 days into it if you feel better.

    Please don’t imagine that a body under serious stress needs more stress to get better. Bad way to treat the only vehicle you’ve got in this lifetime.



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    fizzlex;49181 wrote: Also, I heard coffee enemas are good for flushing the liver.

    Coffee enemas are great especially getting things moving and out on the diet, Just be careful to use pure water (not tap) and that everything is new or clean.

    New here Hi to everyone and thanks for the info. Great threads! I’m on a diet by a naturopath and having too many sides, he says they are expected. What a journey!


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    I second that on the coffee enemas… They are awesome! You can take up to 900 mg’s of molybdenum which would probably be a very good idea, and don’t forget to drink plenty of nettle tea to avoid copper anemia. And as Sue mentioned, be gentle with yourself!

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