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    Pauçp Jose
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    I think everyone know my story now: I have sugar cravings all time cause I´m addict to it. Well with help of internet, Able and some other forum people I arrive to a conclusion. Sugar is a drug and can cause depression, fatigue, bloating and constipation. I always think I have candida infection but my symptoms are not so bad. So today a search on internet and I found that article:
    Now I know why I have depression, fatigue and bloated stomach. I always related my symptoms with candida but maybe my problem is with high blood sugar cause I eat so much sugar. Well my actualy question is: If I don´t have a candida problem my diet for down blood sugar should be the same? For how long? Thanks guys.


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    I don’t think anyone on the forum will be able to tell you a timeline for lowering your blood sugar while on the diet; everyone’s bodies are different and the way we metabolize is different.

    I am guessing it’d take a few months for it to equalize.



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    Talk to your doctor.
    But since the diet is so low on sugar it can not be bad for you! But maybe you can get away with eating the coarse products such as coarse paste instead of not eating it at all?

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