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    If you’re like me, on Stage One of the diet, you’re really enjoying your oat bran and kasha as some of the only things you eat to give you that satisfied feeling. I was cooking them normally until I realized how critical it is to soak them before hand! For oat bran especially, continued consumption over time can actually harm your digestive tract and encourage things like IBS. There is a lot of phytates (aka anti-nutrients) in oat bran, which inhibit calcium and other nutrients from getting absorbed in your intestines. Furthermore, it has gluten, which is very difficult to digest. Don’t be alarmed, oat bran is still incredibly beneficial to gut bacteria and eliminating candida, you just have to soak it first!

    Soaking oat bran:
    combine oat bran with at least 1 tbs of kasha or buckwheat flour (this encourages more pre-digestion of the bad stuff)
    add at least 1 tbs of kefir, apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice (it needs an acedic agent). I like to soak mine in just kefir for a nice creamy treat.
    fill the rest with water and let sit at room temperature 24 hours.
    when done, you can either rinse it or just add stevia, cinnamon, salt, and coconut oil to enjoy!

    Kasha is easier on your digestive system and only needs to be soaked 7 hours.

    different processes for soaking kasha, flours, beans, seeds, and nuts:

    Benefits of oat bran:


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    This is just too much. How the heck am I going to stay home and cook nuts for a minimum of 12 hrs in an oven? I feel like just getting the right foods is extremely difficult enough and now I have to precisely soak everything and cook it exactly right. If that’s so, I would have to give up. I already spend too much time in the kitchen preparing not so yummy meals.


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    What if I’m allergic to buckwheat?

    @Belganson… I hear you. I started this madness about 3 months ago and it has been a full-time job. Buying all the special ingredients, preparing all your own meals, getting all the right supplements, TAKING the supplements at the correct moments during the day… It gets incredibly overwhelming. At a time when you’re already down, the “cure” is a stressful kick in the head on top of it all.

    All I can say is.. what I try to remind myself in times when it seems too much. I try to frame it as a lifestyle change, instead of just a series of new shit I have to worry about. Change takes time and patience. When your health is at stake, your priorities need to change. The changes seem tedious and ridiculous at first, but over time they become just part of your routine. And every time I feel like giving up, I just tell myself “That’s three months of work you’d be throwing away. And maybe this time next year, you’ll be feeling much better.” I find these thoughts to be enough to keep me going (grudgingly).


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    For me it’s soak if I remember, don’t fret if I don’t. You can also soak for less time and it will help a lot. And soaking in water is better than nothing. You don’t need the buckwheat/kasha added in if you are allergic, it just helps. If you eat oat bran for breakfast every day, just put it in water, stevia, cinnamon (With the extra helpful stuff if you have it quickly on hand) before bed and then you’ll actually have it to go in the morning.

    Here’s an article about which things might be more meaningful to soak and which things aren’t as dire:

    From what I have read elsewhere though, oats are especially important to soak, and even more so if you eat them regularly.

    We are overworked now and that is why we don’t have time for our health. People in the past did spend a lot of the day in the kitchen and the garden preparing food. There are ways to be healthy and somewhat fast now, but you have to be creative. I’ve also really grown to love my kitchen time lately. Just do you best and enjoy what you do for your health.


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    I’ve been mentioning this over and over on the forum, atleast with nuts and seeds! If you decide to eat nuts and seeds it will contain molds which exist on dry food items. If you do not soak them then do not eat them because you will become allergic to them in time.

    It doesnt take much time to put nuts and seeds in a bowl and add water and let it sit! Cmon folks!



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    How is this possible with oat bran hot cereal (which is the oat bran listed on the strict diet)? Does preparing the cereal in the hot water kill the mold as well?

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