So I finally dove in, but I am having some problems.

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    First of all I started out the diet with a detox. During the detox I juiced all green veggies three times a day for five days. I also drank lemon water, a few clay/chia drinks and alot of dandelion/nettle leaf tea and milk thistle. On the fifth day that juicer stopped working, so I returned it. The two days following that I basically pureed the veggies three times a day. One thing that amazed me is my tongue actually started to clear. I could actually see pink on the damned thing for the first time in god knows how long…

    Well on the eighth day I decided to eat 2 eggs mixed with raw spinach and white onion with a little broccoli and asparagus on the side. This was for breakfast. I did a pureed green veggie shake for lunch and then some steamed bok choy for dinner. Throughout the day I noticed my tongue was slowly becoming coated again.. I can’t really see what could be the problem. Unless I just literally can’t eat anything but eight or so green vegetables…

    Anyway, this morning I got up and I actually felt pretty damn good (tongue was white, but much less than before.) I ate the same egg recipe and some asparagus spears for breakfast, took vitamin D3, A, C and Super B Complex and left. I actually felt healthy for a few hours there. It was amazing. BUT I just got home and made myself a salad with organic romaine, organic spinach, cucumber, and 1 egg sliced. In the middle of eating it the brain fog just body slammed me… My vision closed in, head felt stuffed with cotton etc… It was literally instant…

    I can’t under stand it.. How did I feel so good and my tongue was so clear and it just vanishes in an instant? There is one thing I didn’t mention, but I don’t see how it could be a problem. For the salad I made a homemade dressing with cucumber, olive oil, one avacado, sea salt, black pepper, cilantro, a small bit of a shallot and a small bit of coconut oil. Could any of these things have triggered my brain fog?

    On a side not I also made a “hot sauce” that has garlic, white onion, celery and jalapeno in it. Could that damage me this early on?

    Sorry this is so long. Had alot on my mind and was quite frustrated when this fog slammed me so hard.

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