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    I’m tackling Candida + Leaky Gut, so of course I’ve cut out all dairy. But I see so much conflicting information about yogurt. Most people say to cut it out along with other dairy, but some people say you should have it on this diet cause it’s probiotic. Is it really dairy? Or is it not cause of the fermentation? I’ve been eating Organic Plain Probiotic Yogurt from Whole Foods all week with no added sugar, but I’m not sure if I should continue or not


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    It shouldn’t be a problem as long as it doesn’t cause setbacks. Should bring more benefit than detriment imho.



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    I have noticed there is a lot of variation in sugar content among plain greek yogurt. A lot of brands contain 5-7 grams per serving. I have found that the whole foods brand only contains 2 grams.

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