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    I have been on the Candida diet for about 3-4 weeks, but I got thrush last year after taking too much antibiotics here in Thailand. After that I took antifungal medicine, but never stayed on a diet afterwards and kept getting a white tongue and other symptoms like fatigue, sore throat, etc. Right now I am taking apple cider vinegar as an antifungal, and a probiotic. However, the whitness on my tongue comes and goes, and I have not introduced anything new. It is not really white just a light coat. However, my fatigue has lessened and other symptons. How can I tell when the yeast is gone? Is a little white ok? Also sometimes it is mainly gone. I am a bit confused.


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    Plan on a 6-18 month recovery time and you won’t be able to reverse the overgrowth in 4 weeks.



    Sydney Keith
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    Raster is right, it takes time. I have been taking pinecone extract for my candida and noticed the whiteness was gone from my tongue after 2 weeks. Terry put me onto the extract, here is her blog:



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    Thanks for your replies.

    I have some more questions. This is the wife, now. I’m trying my best to keep up with cooking things my husband can eat. He’s losing too much weight. What can I do? Is it really worth losing all this weight to continue on the diet? If we don’t see results anytime soon it will seem like it’s doing more harm than good. Is there anything he could add back into his diet to remain healthy?

    His tongue will get better and worse by the day. Is this normal, die off, or is this an indication that something in his diet is feeding the candida at times?

    We live in Thailand so many of these remedies are not available. If we get it shipped to us it costs a lot so we need to be sure these things will work. What are the most important things to be taking?



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    From my understanding you can tell how you are doing with getting control of Candida through the Candida Antigen Blood test –

    I find oil pulling to work well with helping control oral thrush (white tongue) by brushing my tongue slightly when I brush my teeth. EV Coconut oil is probably preferable in all the other benefits in taking toxins and bad bacteria from one’s mouth…..I also tend to think of these as signs of body reactions to some “cheat items” or what ever; cause if I cheat the tongue appears white again the next day. I assume this is what everyone talks about watching for flare ups or reactions to certain foods, etc…

    You might want to check out Able’s posting to another member about why it’s best to avoid acv for a period of time during treatment or certain other antifungals like Oil of Oregano, etc. I know, I didn’t rotate Oil of Oregano but, kept using it for months and the eugenoil it contains started causing skin issues. Stopped the Oregano and the skin issues seems to have calmed down almost instantly. I thank DVJorge for pointing out how some typical antifungals we get into a rhythm into our treatment plans, if not careful, can cause other issues which can cause problems on their own.

    Remember, the diet contains a lot of veggies with antifungal properties which many forget and load up on antifungals. Then start wondering if the fact they are suddenly feeling worse is die-off or what have you.

    Aggressively attacking candida has done me more worse for the wear, as I jumped out of the gate with little knowledge and a desire to attack it aggressively. It’s taken at least 6 months to calm things down but, little by little I’m learning to be in better tune to reactions and have a better chance in figuring out what is causing further discomfort: particularly since die-off alone makes one concerned they are getting worse.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents – a more gradual less aggressive treatment could pay dividends of a short treatment period, than making mistakes and losing time in the process but, I would doubt if most here haven’t made their fair share of mistakes along their journey – that’s why when I hear people talking on planning on a 12 to 18 month treatment period as a time frame is lost on me.

    Blessings and many blessings of healing graces to you,

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